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Salt Box

Salt Box is a space for people who face intersecting isms to feel seen. The realities of workplace discrimination are too often discussed behind closed doors and in hushed tones. In my house, we talk the talk and say all the things — ALL of them. If you are a "good person" who is a touch fragile, I suggest you remain outside. To those who face discrimination or want a deeper dive into daily social justice issues, please come in — kindly leave your shoes at the door, take a seat and prepare to be served. This space provides rich food for thought and I don't want to hear a peep about it being too salty. Love, peace, and nappiness, 🤎 Kimberley How this works: - Visitors can read all of my open content free of charge and are welcome to buy items from my eStore, or leave a one-time tip of any amount over $5 in appreciation. - Monthly subscribers gain access to exclusive content and can partake in food-for-thought discussions filled with insightful perspectives and hot tea. Please Note: I own the rights to all of my work and reposting any of this content without written permission is prohibited. Got it? 🤨

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