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Welcome to my Ko-fi page! 👋 I decided to open this page because some people asked for it. I'm a Web Developer, working mainly on NotITG. To be fair, I'm more of a sysadmin / webmaster / full-stack web developer / technician as well as working for the Swiss government for a living, but I'll go with Web Developer. 😎 By donating a coffee, your rewards would be my eternal gratitude and a virtual hug. Also, because people requested it as well, I've made monthly tiers/memberships in order to allow people to contribute to the server's financing. If you'd like to donate, here is what I'll use that money for: Since over 4 years, I've been paying for all the server costs related to NotITG (and I'm fine with that). I also migrated to more expensive machines multiple times in order to be able to continue providing a great service for the NotITG community, which grows exponentially over time. The monthly costs have been multiplied by over 7 times over these years. **The donations will exclusively go for the webserver until I have enough of a margin to let it run for several months** Also, I am living on my own since late 2019, and the *current world events* are absolutely not making this easy for my boyfriend and myself. Thank you for stopping by my Ko-fi page! I really appreciate you spending some time on this page. 🧡

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