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Welcome to my Ko-fi page! 👋 I am HeySora, and I mainly do Web development, mainly for NotITG. I'm constantly assuring the proper functioning of all online services in order for you to have a flawless experience playing NotITG. :) By donating a coffee, you'd get my eternal gratitude. If you want to do more to support what I do, I've set up a few monthly tiers/memberships in order to allow people to contribute to the server's financing, which also gives you a 'Sora Supporter' role in the NotITG discord server! **Hosting is NOT cheap, and the growth of NotITG requires me to constantly upgrade the equipment in place for providing everyone our services!** Monitoring everything also takes a lot of precious time as well as energy. Since over 5 years, I've been paying for all the server costs related to NotITG. I also migrated to more expensive machines multiple times in order to be able to continue providing a great service for the NotITG community, which grows exponentially over time. The monthly costs have been multiplied by over 7 times over these years, and it will not stop anytime soon! In parallel, I am living on my own since late 2019, and the [current world events] are absolutely not making this easy for myself. Donating can help a lot, in order to make my life easier, with less stress, and more time to focus on my well-being as well as future NotITG projects! There is a LOT planned. I hate asking for money, but I received a **lot** of requests for a Ko-fi page (including monthly memberships), so here we are. NotITG's growth could not be like it is today without your support. Our planned projects (including Online SRTs) need a lot of resources and time, and people like you are the ones making these projects possible in the first place! We have a lot of unbelievable ideas but it is impossible to make everything on our own without your support. Thank you for stopping by my Ko-fi page! I really appreciate you spending some of your time here. 🧡

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