The mad natter

-Princess -Conservative/ libertarian -Honor Society -Class rank Top 1% -cosplay -vintage fashion - eccentric ...

Katiecakey cosplay

Hello ❤ I'm Katie and I love cosplay and doing photoshoots! I have to raise money to do so because I can't ask money fro...

LittleOwlie Cosplay

I'm an italian girl. I'm study, i'm working for supporting my studies, and my hobby are cosplays! I live alone in Rome ...

good girls club

give us money for our podcast

Baerae draws

I draw stuff, if you decide to give me your money dm me and ill draw something for you!


Heya, I'm just a struggling Canadian artists trying to make art a career. currently trying to save money for a tattoo m...

Hauntli Cosplay

Hi guys! I'm Blynn! I'm a cosplayer and student~ Unfortunately, i have a hard time racking up money for equipment for co...


Hi guys, My name is Ling, you can call me Lingbaby ;). I am currently a full time student in NYC, studying to become a...


I draw porn. Give me money so I can draw more !


Hi everyone I'm Emily, I'm a self taught artist and crafter trying to get money to take my GED exams!

Katia Rairakku

Hi! I'm a 20 year old spanish girl who loves creating stuff! I specially love drawing, doing makeup and cosplay (*´ڡ`●)...


I enjoy life in the best way possible! But sometimes I'm low on money for food or art stuff. Please feed meee. LoL~ ; ω;

Tammy Ly

Currently open for #TipJar to earn some money for life expenses. For every 3 dollars you donate you may request a doodle...


All I need is money and alcohol markers.


I'm a student artist that's looking to make some money doing freelance commissions. ☆☆☆