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Collecting money for my precious beings.

Riven Vagary

I am one half of Useful Geekery! We make usefully geeky things. I also have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and therefor can’t ho...


Hi, I decided to make a ko-fi page because I saw alot of people do it so I thought I'd give it a shot. So if you guys...


im an artist a young one with that and i just wanna make enough money to buy things i need and try to make a living off ...


I am a 27 year old model living in the MA/RI area. I'm often times spending money on outfits, travel expenses and get no...

Storm's Puppies

This Ko-Fi is set up to help pay for the vet and rehoming expenses of 10 puppies. If there is extra money it will go...


hey i'm miki 25 ♤ he/him funding my ko-fi will help me have money to afford food, and afford trans related items!


My passion is film, my amusement is art, I wish I had money so we weren't apart.


I'm trying to recover the amount of money i had to pay for one of my classes. You can request a small sketch/doodle for ...


I'm a young artist who has very limited money to help support my family. If you could donate anything it would help!


money will be used for wheat water not bean water. Dilly dilly.

Vanessa Corsetti

Holidays are fast approaching and I'm going to be studying for the bar exam. If you'd like to support me but you're not ...