hey, there! my name is daisy and i love to draw. i'm currently a college student without a constantly paying job, any he...


Artist and blogger


Pin ups with a strong anime influence. Felt tips and dip pens are my lifeblood.


Rebellions are built on hope. - Jyn Erso Welcome to my page, I am a student trying to make their way through University...


Twin Hentai

Hi, hi all i earn here will strictly go back to being invested in taking better pictures, new cosplays and creating rewa...


Ficlicious on ao3, allthemarvelousrage on Tumblr. I write fanfic, I'm a graphic design student and I draw sometimes.


Call me San-chan c: I'm a broke college student who loves cosplay and will cry happy tears for any donation 😭 If you ca...

Cheshire Moon

I-I'm C-Ch--Che. Im sorry me potato 😭 lol Me 20. Me like food. Me probably like u too. Me culinary arts student~ Me hav...


I'm a cosplayer who would love to one day have the skills of a pro seamstress and start making stuff for others! I'm slo...


Hi guys, My name is Ling, you can call me Lingbaby ;). I am currently a full time student in NYC, studying to become a...


I'm a deer that does things on the internet!!

The mad natter

-Princess -Conservative/ libertarian -Honor Society -Class rank Top 1% -cosplay -vintage fashion - eccentric ...


Hello my name is Chloe!(you can call me Corgi though) I am an artist trying to get by in high school. I mostly draw furr...


An animal lover & art college senior! I’m also an animator and voice-actress on YouTube. Every cent helps! ❤️ Thank you ...


Furry artist, future suitmaker, College Student, freelancer and a sucker for coffee. Thank you for stopping by!


hi, i'm charlie and i'm in my last year of university. i'm currently struggling for money in a major way. with the work ...


this account used to be a tip jar for my art and cosplay as side hobbies. Currently i'm going through a hard time with m...


Rachel Thijssen

Hi peeps! I'm an 18-year-old Classics student at Leiden University, frequent Twitter user, reader, writer, artist and...


A catsushi that needs love (and money :333)


A college student who would like to study Game Design and Computer Science. Likes to doodle things and create fun comics...

C Tenacity Bartholomew

Queer trans* enby poet (he/him) writing about love and healing at the edges of ourselves.


Just a loser who draws gay shit and is addicted to coffee to get me through deadlines and college.



Hey gamers, I'm Cher and I'm a Theatre Design and Technology student who loves to die.


hi i'm joj tumblr: @3merr, @osxmatsu, @glxdstones twitter: @_3merr i'm an incoming comp sci student at UTM but i'...


Starving Student. I write poetry occasionally.

Firedancer Studios

Hello! My name is Felix and I am a traditional artist slowly getting into digital art. I mostly work with Graphite or Ch...

Gore ✨

💜 Hello, thank you so much for visiting me!😸 I'm Gore, a fashion design student that loves cosplay, video games and tr...