Gallus Rostromegalus

Your Colorado Art & writing cryptid with the frankly improbable life. I'm pretty much powered by caffeine these days.


Previously Mercysblaster. I am a 21 year gamer with too much free time on her hands who like to make edits and write. If...


Hello! My name is Daniel, and I am currently writing and getting ready to move from the United States to Taiwan! You can...


A HQ & Batman fanfic writer.


I'm Bal, illustrator, Minnesota resident and cat parent. Fond of fake idols, wrestling, JRPGs, and herbology.


Crazy little ball of Flame with a business in pleasure.


Hello! I'm Glare. I create fan content, mostly fanfiction. You can find my work on Tumblr and Archive of our Own.


Hiya, I draw cute girls and rig avatars for vr chat! I have a ko-fi because I live in a rural town and the only way I c...

Chubby Del

Captain Spandex

Spandex and muscle fetishist (usually but not always together) with a penchant for posting to Insta and Tumblr. Gay; mar...


Hi! Call me cosme! I do some draws and sketch and gladly do requests, so any support here would be appreciated!



Aspiring writer, I write original works AND fanfics.


I'm a cosplayer, actor, amateur film director and US Navy veteran. I also build props and costumes and try my best to en...


I write sweet happy gay love stories aimed at making people feel warm and gooey inside

Sword Lesbian

i love swords. i love girls. i love swords and girls.

Catherine Farron


Dude | 21 | Halexander | i make extremely shitty video games


I like making digital art and i aspire to create cool stuff in the near future like comics!


My name is Rune! I am an advocate of joy and doing your best! I tell jokes, I liveblog things, I draw, I offer advice, a...


Slaving over a pipin' hot canvas for hours every day, I bake up some delicious, nutritious eyeball snacks to satisfy hun...



My name is Jesse and I am a freelance artist ! I am the creator of the upcoming webcomic Project Metria.


I draw stuff. :)


im a 20 yr old nb bi gal who draws art to evoke warm n fuzzy feelings. my idol is kirby and one day i hope to be just li...


I've translated 2000+ Japanese songs by over 150 artists on my Tumblr. Please consider buying me a coffee to show your s...

Hobbit Viking

Hi ! I'm a small cosplayeur, very interested in artistic and colourful makeup. But this year i decided to focus more on ...


My name is Raz! I've always loved taking photos growing up and I was always interested in trying film. I recently bought...


I do commissions and adoptables, I like character designing and draw reference sheets often.


Hello! My name is Jo and I draw as a hobby. I love drawing Fanart and original characters!