Debbie Gartner

I’m Debbie Gartner and I'm known as The Flooring Girl. I hope you found my blog helpful. I put a lot of time into to h...

Wandering Artist

I am a hobbyist artist, I draw using pens, markers, pencils/colored pencils, and I occasionally photograph things for fu...

rose g.

I run a shitpost blog and when I'm not doing that I'm animating/drawing for fun. I enjoy making surrealist/dadaist conte...



I'm November and I've been behind the scenes at Fat Tributes since 2013. Outside of Tumblr, I'm a college student living...


Hi, I'm Coco! I like to create and curate lewd content on tumblr.

Oceanic Prince

Hi! It's Percy, aka Oceanicprince.cosplay. most of my content can be found on instagram! I never want to ask for money, ...

Kate O'Sullivan

Podcaster, writer & photographer creating monthly inspiration & food for thought around the interweb.

Alice Han

i'm often tired but i love to write. please send some support, it'll greatly help! :)

Hana Porter

David Litt

i draw and i really like sonic and homestuck


Hi I'm Steff! ✓Seamstress and Cosplayer ✓Enjoys fashion and design ✓15 years of sewing experience ✓10 years of judgi...

Senpapi - Mer

Hello! I’m a cosplayer and prop artist of 3 years. I also just began helping make YouTube videos and twitch streaming! I...

Jacey Julep

Bald babe, set up in Asheville, NC. Pursuing my love for cosplay and Dragonball. I am looking forward to saving up for K...



Gemma • 20ish- • Scotland (UK)br/Indifferent to religion, bi-sexual, adores thunderstorms and is obssessed with Youtuber...

Sam Whyte

Scribbler of tweets, jokes, and bloggery.

Divine Dolls Entertainment

Hi I'm Lexi Divine and I'm a cosplayer, model, artist, crafty things maker, girl gamer, and so much more! Anyone I know...




Kitty//She/Her//Midwestern cosplayer//21 I just love creating costumes and styling wigs and just... making stuff! Follow...


i have created fandom-related content for several years, specifically contributing things for the glee and the flash fan...

Legal Inspiration

I'm Marc Whipple, and I'm an intellectual property attorney who Tweets a lot. :) I do tweetstreams and blog posts on...

Rebecca Yelland

I'm an author who loves to spotlight the many talents of the writing community and beyond on Twitter. Author interviews,...

Jay Justice

Cosplayer, consultant, activist

spencer lovell

BeTwin Cosplay

Hello! We are Marty & Giuki, twin sisters and Italian cosplayers! While attending university, it's more difficult to sa...


Writer, reader, Geek, lover of great storytelling.


I'm Hina and I draw fanart! Find me on tumblr if you want to say hello ^^


Snail / 21 / Cancer / Hobbyist Artist Hello! I'm just a girl who loves to draw digital art C: