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Avery Baa

HI! I'm a college student going to grad school for clinical mental health work, who also loves writing about queer theor...



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That Bard, There.

Who am I?- A perilous do-gooder on a quest of nerd-tastic proportions! Bard, artist, geek, world-builder, game-master &...

Peachbutt Comics

✨🍑Peachbutt Comics🍑✨ We make comics about being women in game development! Victoria Tran (@TheVTran) does the writi...

Alex (Jam)

Welcome! I'm a non-binary community moderator, illustrator, photoshop wizard, wannabe game dev, and writer. I'm always t...


Hi everyone! My name is Megan and I stream video games over on Twitch! I'm wanting to make my streams more high quality ...

Aras Sivad

Creator of custom dice trays and bags, hula hooper, and RPG enthusiast. You can find my products at https://ArasSivad.co...


I do many things, from Tumblr to Twitter to Deviantart to Youtube. I like to spread around positivity in as many ways as...


I'm an artist who loves gaming! I excel in craft and recently acquired a drawing tablet, and have been training myself t...


Andy RO

Website: http://www.andy-ro.com Planning to donate? before you buy Coffee Write your in-game character name on the ...


Comic artist and fashion failure, designing games and playing them too.


Hi, I'm Lauren/Tan. I make a goofy efed and sometimes some music. I also stream rhythm games from time to time.<br/><br/...


I'm striving to become a full time artist and mainly work freelance and make my own merchandise such as charms, stickers...


Hello, my lovelies! I am LadyMermalaid, your favourite Australian mythological beast. I am a Twitch streamer and YouTube...


I strive to understand the deeper things of music. I am classically trained, but I explore a plethora of genres and styl...


Hello, I'm Ren. I'm a board game lover, RPG table games lover. D&D Player and Master. I love to draw and i'm trying to ...


Hi! I'm a pianist and arranger on Youtube. I play music from animations and video games & put them as free sheet music o...

UnknownBear Productions

| Digital Freelance Artist| Comic Artist| Youtuber | Giant Dork | Gamer | Blizz Game Junkie ||ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ|| Business Email: UB...


Freelance artist. Monster man.


Hello! I'm Marie. I post art, breathe-out-your-nose funny vg clips, and voice overs.

Jack Slater

I'm a writer, free/open source software person, and full-time dad.

Digit & Pixel

João Paulo

Freelancer designer/3D artist from Portugal working with textures, low poly and product viz.


An artist that likes to make art. I also play games on youtube! 💖💖💖


A hobbyist illustrator; I hope to make games with my characters someday. You may also find me as zaraku on Tumblr and Fu...

The Opera Geek - Kelli

Opera singer • geek extraordinaire • aria-slinging mercenary • VO actress • bard streaming D&D. I'm a opera singer b...


Artist - Gamer - Nerd


Just some guy who likes to write novels and make story videos.


I play games and write fic, but mostly play games.

Fiona Nova

hi i do the gaming thing and this will fund my research on how widowmaker is genetically the most perfect character ever...


Hey I'm Pneuma, and if you're here, you probably already know that. I created and manage the one and only English Glo...

Le Capitaine

Give me money.


I'm streaming and recording games on Youtube.