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Paul Scott Canavan

I'm a freelance illustrator working for WoTC and am currently creating my own game, Pale Tides.

Raon Lee

Youtube Music Creator ♬


A ghost who does art and music!


I'm a singer/songwriter, voice actress and artist. I love writing lyrics for other people's songs and also my own.


Hi everyone! My name is Megan and I stream video games over on Twitch! I'm wanting to make my streams more high quality ...

Kara Comparetto

Hello, I'm so glad to have you here! With social media becoming such an incredible tool for me to share my music, I'm ho...


traditional artist and electronic musician 🎵 🎹 🎨

Lia VA


I strive to understand the deeper things of music. I am classically trained, but I explore a plethora of genres and styl...

juniper darby

hey i'm jd! im a broke ass art student. i make all kinds of junk!


I draw art and make music!


musician, concept artist and game developer just trying to pay bills

Darias Lanham

Independent artistbr/Independent thinkerbr/Music and words are my weaponbr/Art is life, life is an art project in progre...


Hi! I'm a pianist and arranger on Youtube. I play music from animations and video games & put them as free sheet music o...


Hiya~! I'm FakeTsuki~! I'm an artist who also likes to voice act, stream and make let's plays of games~! Thanks for ...


i lose sleep so you can get some :P (just kidding... I actually make all the edits for help with my anxiety) ^_^ if you...

The Opera Geek - Kelli

Opera singer • geek extraordinaire • aria-slinging mercenary • VO actress • bard streaming D&D. I'm a opera singer b...


This account is to help a dear friend of mine who's moving out of an abusive household. He has a steady source of inc...

Apollo Moon

Music producer and singer, come support my channel.

M Hall

Just like everybody else in Portland, I am a game dev and artist with no money haha

Christy (Enosh1ma Cosplay)



Tip FloatingBoy on stuff! I create capitalist memes and emojis for Discord.