Ierin V. Fontas

Hi, I'm Ierin Virgil! Also known as v-doodles in tumblr. I'm a 16 years old art student. I am creating webcomics, illust...


Wandering Artist

I am a hobbyist artist, I draw using pens, markers, pencils/colored pencils, and I occasionally photograph things for fu...


Hi Im Kayla from KayPlayHey and KayKayBakesbr/br/Help me with day to day expenses and ingredients for your requests! Som...


I'm November and I've been behind the scenes at Fat Tributes since 2013. Outside of Tumblr, I'm a college student living...


Call me San-chan c: I'm a broke college student who loves cosplay and will cry happy tears for any donation 😭 If you ca...


Hi, I'm Coco! I like to create and curate lewd content on tumblr.

Kinetic Cosplay

Hey guys it's me, Kinetic Chloe! I've been making all my costumes by hand for 5 years and gotten an amazing amount encou...

David Litt

i draw and i really like sonic and homestuck


I've translated 2300+ Japanese songs by over 200 artists on Tumblr to help spread my love of Japanese music, both new an...


Hi! I'm Dann, I do a lot of cosplay stuff and I'm working on some webcomics of my own. A also enjoy some cartoons and an...

Jacey Julep

Bald babe, set up in Asheville, NC. Pursuing my love for cosplay and Dragonball. I am looking forward to saving up for K...

Bobby Mackolatoo

Hi hi!!! Im Bobby and I do 3D animations using SFM(Commisions). Ive never done anything like this so...hopefully it work...


General enthusiast about the weirdness of the universe and how we choose to explore it; sharing that with the rest of th...


Anime fanfiction author extraordinaire

Catherine Farron


For random donations or for Tarot readings! ~ Thank you, little sugar plums!


cosplayer / doodler / video game casual


Hey I'm Pidge and sometimes I write and draw gay shit


Heyy, my name is Dominic I'm an aspiring artist from Florida. It's hot here, send help.



Jay Justice

Cosplayer, consultant, activist


CURRENT MASSIVE DELAYS ON READINGS Hey, I'm Bee~ I offer tarot, cartomancy, aura, deity and natal-chart readings. --...


I'm Hina and I draw fanart! Find me on tumblr if you want to say hello ^^


Hello my loves, if you enjoy my content on my tumblr, please buy me a coffee ;) It'll help me a long long way hehe.


Jack of all trades, master of some. Programming, graphic and web design, writing, gaming, yoga, proud owner of 11 house ...


Ficlicious on ao3, allthemarvelousrage on Tumblr. I write fanfic, I'm a graphic design student and I draw sometimes.


Oh hello! Thank you for visiting my ko-fi page! Here are my rewards: ❤Donate 1 coffee for a fansign in one of my cosp...


I am a 3D artist, FanFic writer and Fan Art creator, mostly of Dragon Age.