trans writer/artist/streamer. i used to work on cartoons, it was ok im currently on disability and every dollar helps...


Hi, my name's Alyssa!!! I'm currently working hard to make lots of cute and fun projects for everyone to enjoy. I'm tryi...


Hello! I am Isei-Silva on Tumblr and Twitter! I do content creation for The Lost Codex plus personal and commissioned ar...

Cold War Steve

I am a low-paid public sector worker with 3 young daughters. Needless to say we haven't got a pot to piss in and it woul...


Just a humble Artist! Also Freelancer in Graphic Design, Illustration and so on~

Stop the Cull

helping to stop the English badger cull, with direct action.


My name is Juuji! I love to cosplay, travel, and play video games. ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT! ~ My SnapChat: NerdyGirlJulia ...

Stephanie Eild

A Canadian cosplayer living the American dream! Full time model, part time student. Lover of adventure, travel, Sanrio a...

Halie Williams

Part time artist, part time magical girl trying to make her way through grad school!

Embi Tea

Just an aspiring digital artist with occasional character designs and art projects! (〃´ ヮ `〃 )7 I also have a patreon!...


Salut tout le monde ! Je suis une jeune artiste française, étudiante à l'école Pivaut. Si vous aimez ce que je fais, n'h...

Scott Lynch

Fantasy novelist, former volunteer firefighter. Human pincushion and warming pad for three marvelous cats.

Faeryn Nova

Pop Surrealist Fine Artist and Illustrator


Everything donated here will be used for better camera equipment and footage. Everyone likes a better movie right?

Angela Bermúdez

Multidisciplinary and performance artist from Costa Rica.

Red Masquerade Cosplay

Hiya! I'm a new cosplayer just hoping you'll like me enough to support me a bit! Anything helps, and even if you can't d...

Kira Buckland

I'm a voice actress who just really, really likes coffee.


I'm Anju your simple dork bringing you some tingles ;) to your life! ✨ If you're looking into getting your own persona...


i am an artist that loves dragon age!


Futures Trading

Royalspacefish [Niko]

"I'm just an average guy who's a hero for fun." I cosplay, make very original flower crowns, doddle, arrange pressed ...



Self taught artist wanting to get back into the art game~

f.p. garza

Joel & Lia

YouTubers and Presenting Duo. Specialising in edu-tainment content all about British culture and life in London!


Hi! I'm a musician, illustrator and singer.


Hey! I'm Graphene, and if you're here you probably already know what I do. If you enjoy my art I'd appreciate anythi...

Eve's Garden

Erotic audio performer/voice actress focusing on immersive and intimate audio experiences. Role play, Girlfriend Experie...

Ginny Di

I'm a cosplayer, singer, and YouTuber!


Traditional and digital artist, mainly good with pixel art.