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A daily vlogger living in Paris and writing science fiction and fantasy books when he's not hunting for nachos or coffee...

Courtney Enlow

Writer/editor, focused on mental health, feminism, pop culture and the areas where they all intersect.


I'm a venezuelan computer science student asking for help.

Maggie Resists Trump

The best in memes, single mommy to my 9 year old princess & future founder of the "Women 1st" movement that will help vi...


I make youtube edits, write stuff, and admin discord servers, I also talk philosophy and politics. God help us all

Asia Murphy

I'm a scientist that uses trail cameras to study animals and share nature's wonders. I like to write about science in a ...

Kelly Ellis


A silly little illustrator just trying to get by. If you like original character, I have good news for you. If you like ...

Heritage Link

Heritage Link LLC is revolutionizing the way an individual presents themselves to future opportunities and transforming ...

Thamar E. Gindin

נספחת התרבות של ישראל באיראן החופשית, ועד אז בונה גשרים בין עמי ישראל ואיראן, ופוקחת עיניים בשני הצדדים לראות שאנחנו יות...