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Lis Wonder

This year I started to make on my own Wonder Woman cosplay and due to a condition (it is nothing major don’t worry), I cannot use heavy chemicals like cement glue etc. 🥴 I was going to have my friends help me glue, but then the new Golden Eagle armor was announced and the intricacy and complexity is too much for my level of cosplay making. I did not want to start a Gofundme, since I only use that application for when I do fundraisers for people in real world need and I wanted to give something in return! If you buy me some Ko-fi, I will e-mail you a signed print high resolution that I will only share with the people who help me with this goal. WHEN YOU DONATE.... 1) Please write your name (for the dedication) 2) Write your e-mail address Thank you for clicking on my ko-fi link, means a lot to me!

Atelier Heidi

I'm a theatrical designer and seamstress living in Seattle, Washington. I create cosplay, fashion, photography, and more!

Get In The Robot

Come on in, it’s comfy in here! Welcome to our YouTube anime club. 🙂

The Phreckled Cosplayer

Hello everyone! My name is Rosie and I’ve been cosplaying for 12 years. I love video games, chemistry, puppies, and creating new content for you guys! Thank you so much for your support!

Babs Butcher

Hi everyone! I'm a cosplayer, video creator, and performer. I love making my cosplays myself, and I am working to make this passion into a career. Every little bit helps me to succeed, and none of what I do is possible without you! Thank you for supporting me in any way! Besides one-off donations, you can choose to Commission a Project (click "Commission" button) with me or make monthly donations to unlock high quality photos consistently (click Support Now button). Love, Babs


I'm a Mexican cosplayer and cosmaker I love to create cosplays and bring my favorite characters to life (≧◡≦) Please be sure before you make the donation, there are NO REFUNDS

Son of Ferron

Hello there :) If you want to talk about costumes and cosplay there you are at the right place! I’m dutch, a Ravenclaw, lover of coffee, cartoons and movie fashion enthusiast! who loves to sew and share the knowledge, techniques and know-how with everyone in what I learned on my own endeavours after I started doing cosplay. I also have an Instagram account for more regular and quirky content.


Hi guys! I’m Yeliz, I’m a cosplayer from Melbourne, Australia! I’ve been cosplaying since 2014. I love building and crafting, video games, hiking, singing, dancing, meeting new people and making friends.


Heiiuu, I'm Miiu from Germany I love to create costumes, visit conventions and annoy people~ I also love playing video games+ anime/ manga. If you like my work and want to support me, pls buy me a Ko-fi thank you ♡

Sarah Bell (Formally Lemon Bell)

Hello! I'm Sarah and I am just a simple cosplayer from Arizona. I'm a full-time student and part-time at my job, so this account just helps for the cosplay fun!


Hi! I'm a cosplayer and artist from Spain, made an account here so the people who want to support my hobbies can help me getting the materials I need for crafting and drawing, thank you so much if you decide to help <3 Most of the posts here will be HD art files for download and some cosplay tutorials or tips!

Eve Estenzia

Supp folks! I'm an artist from Greece. Doing make up/ SFX and cosplay/modeling! I work at NYX Cosmetics and right now I would love to start doing Twitch streaming! With your help I can build a new set up and connect with you! Here's how u can support! 🌺 With 1 kofi 🌺 ---> Tips and tricks for make up and cosplay! More coming soon!

Violet Spider

I've become my own Muse. Dangerous mix of beauty, imagination and skillful hands.


Welcome to my Ko-Fi page ☕️. Any coffee you purchase for me goes straight into my cosplay fund. Each time you donate to a goal of mine, I'll add your name into my costume! I also have an Amazon KoFi wishlist for further donating options! https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3SUD2AMXL6ZJK

Dessi-Desu Illustration

Hello, everyone! I'm an illustrator and hobbyist cosplayer. I especially love art inspired by fantasy and fashion, and have been drawing costume designs since 2016. This Ko-fi page is not intended to focus on my personal cosplay work, but will focus solely on my illustration work.

Moderately Okay Cosplay

Hi I'm John and maybe I cosplay characters from things you like


Cosplayers who enjoy working on foam armors and mascots.


Hey yo! It’s me Blue, I’m known around the Internet as TheCosplayBunny~ I’m a film makeup artist, cosplayer, and all round maker! I love to share my building adventures with the world and I strive to improve my craft every day.

Steff Von Schweetz

Hi I'm Steff! ✓Seamstress and Cosplayer ✓Enjoys fashion and design ✓17 years of sewing experience ✓12 years of judging and paneling at conventions


26 year old med graduate who spends all their free time dressing up like fictional characters~ Cosplay can get expensive and most of my funds go to school and bills so if you like what I do feel free to leave a smol kofi below 💕


Welcome everyone! 🌸 I am Keikocosplay, an ambitious cosplayer from the Netherlands who uses Ko-Fi to achieve several childhood dream cosplans! Cosplay is a big part of my life and it sparks joy to see how many people enjoy my content :) Therefore, I always try to improve myself, create new content and inspire others to follow their dreams! However, I am also a hard working university student, who spends her time studying and working on projects. Without the support of every single one of you, I wouldn't have been able to make so dreams come true. A big thanks to everyone for your generosity by supporting me on my journey and making my cosplay dreams come to life! -xxx- Keiko 😘


We're cosplay couple from Czech Republic, concentrating on costumes from games and comic books. :) Doing our best not just to make great costumes but make the characters truly come to life through our story driven photo shoots and fan films :) We appreaciate your support ^^


Hello 🌸🖤 call me Pen! I'm a new cosplayer from the Midwest, looking to help inspire people to love life through cosplay, fitness, and other means of silly content in my daily life :) thank you for viewing!


I'm an artist through and through. Hope you enjoy my work and thanks for the support!