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Mandy Charlton
Photographer, Writer, Blogger, Social Media Enthusiast, Passionate Urban Gardener, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Lightroom User, Business Mentor Lover of Cake, Musicals and Superheroes Great at communication through images and words, ask me a business question or book a zoom call on any of the above subject for the price of a coffee or two, if I don't know the answer, I will find someone who does.
I am a journaler who loves crafting, and planning! Mainly in my traveler's notebooks 💜 my journal is always with coffee or tea.
Kick in the Creatives
Art and Creativity Podcast | Creative Challenges Kick in the Creatives is the place to find an abundance of creative online challenges all year round. Alongside the website, we have a fun and creative podcast offering you interviews, inspiration, motivation and a general 'kick' in the right direction. We also have a YouTube channel where you can find light-hearted and fun, art tutorial videos every Sunday... and we have a Facebook group where you can find like-minded creatives friends to chat to! You can find our podcast here: https://kickinthecreatives.com/kick-creatives-podcast/
Hi everyone I'm Caped Joel, Comic Loving Canuck With All The Yucks. Maybe you know me from my own Youtube channel where I make videos everyday on the hottest comic book content. Or you might know me from my several popular podcasts & video shows online like The Elseworld Exchange, The Weekly Pull Or The Comic Multiverse.
Rix Flix
Theme Park Vloggers covering all of the Orlando area, specifically the Disney World parks and the Universal Studios parks. Don't miss the magic. Don't miss the fun.
Crafting With April
Welcome! I am an​ Official Cricut® Partner! Please create your account and log in before doing any type of support - per ko-fi. Thank you for your support! Please join a tier or Monthly support or you will not have access to files. One time support does not gain file access. Note- Most files are Design Space files. I use Cricut Access images in designs. If you don't subscribe you may need to purchase images or swap them out. Not all images can be changed. I do use free images when possible. The current password is in the Calendar post & unlocked automatically if your are eligible. Happy Crafting! Monthly Subscribers get access to the Elite Facebook group also!
Mochi Magazine
Mochi is the longest-running online publication for Asian American women. A team of 38 (volunteer!) designers, writers, editors, marketers, and PR specialists work to deliver timely and relevant content related to relationships, career, entertainment, beauty, fashion, politics, and more. Our mission is to support the growth and inclusion of Asian American women, amplify their voices and shed light on untold stories. We hope to continue being a source of information and inspiration for years to come.
Adventure Nomad for Nature
TRAVEL, HIKE & EXPLORE WITH ME, A NOMAD FOR NATURE ~ Roxy was born to explore, hike, climb, travel, and live an outdoor life. A gypsy at heart, a true nomad and traveler, she was living in a vehicle to experience the freedom that comes from not living in a traditional home, a long time before the modern-day nomadic lifestyle became a thing, and before the hashtag #vanlife​, was invented. Even in her teenage years, Roxy was dreaming of visiting distant lands and longed to leave England in search of adventure. Now as a US/UK citizen she explores the US, enjoys high altitude hiking, and is always researching new places to explore. She's currently in her 16th Year as a solo nomad, hence the Yr.16, Episode... but many of her videos stand alone. Be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to ensure you don't miss any episodes. Please check out her blog at http://nomadfornature.wordpress.com/​ to read the first 11 chapters of her book 'A Year Without a Kitchen Sink' for free!
Kawaii Sweetshop
Hi I’m Estefany! Better known as Kawaii Sweetshop , I’m a resin and clay artist looking to expand the products I offer . I’m currently saving for a drawing tablet so I can do some digital art so all the support I get here is going towards that 💖
Haybales for Farmer John's Birthday
[Celebrating]Farmer John's Birthday! Give a Birthday HAYBALE to Farmer John and Sweet Pea & Friends to "Fill the Winter Barn here: http://ko-fi.com/FarmerJohnsBirthdayHaybales (only $5 per bale) Winter is here and the animals need lots of hay to keep them fed and warm. Sweet Pea and all her friends like Sunny & Violet, Molly, Poppy the Alpaca, and Sadie the Pony eat over 600 bales of hay a year! This is the time of year we need to make sure the barn is filled to the rafters with sweet hay to last them all winter. If you'd like to give Farmer John a bale of hay for his birthday to fill the Winter Barn. we'll share pictures & videos of the animals enjoying big mouthfuls of YOUR HAY on Facebook, Instagram and here on KOFI. Thank you!
KitnCaboodle is a coworking/coliving space located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We're a non-profit coworking space that relies on support from people like you to help it grow. You can be part of that growth too! Your donations can be used to make the space what YOU want it to be. Want a ping-pong table? Donate funds for a freggin' pingpong table!
Hiii welcome !! This is where you can donate to support or make RLC payments for my art shop (link below) or order SFW fansigns (contact me through my artsy twitter @vuhnill) Thanks so much for visiting ♡