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BNO News

BNO News was founded by a small group of journalists to provide coverage of breaking news and developing stories. All of us are committed to accurate, fair, and independent coverage of U.S. and international news. We are privately owned and have no links to political parties or activist groups. But with falling ad revenue and an environment in which social media platforms decide which stories you are most likely to see, we depend on our readers to keep us going. With just a small contribution, you can support BNO News. This will allow us to continue our work, cover more stories, and develop new ways to bring you news. Thank you!

Destination Linux

We have Stopped using Kofi because it's just painful for all involved so please transition to Sponsus or Patreon. https://destinationlinux.org/sponsus or https://destinationlinux.org/patreon


Hi everyone I'm Caped Joel, Comic Loving Canuck With All The Yucks. Maybe you know me from my own Youtube channel where I make videos everyday on the hottest comic book content. Or you might know me from my several popular podcasts & video shows online like The Elseworld Exchange, The Weekly Pull Or The Comic Multiverse.


&@-_#}_|—%[ I just post cool stuff ]*%—{*+ ㅋㅋㅋ5555–!-++.__~[__}\,<[#—%]{>\,.[ ⚡️⭐️💖🎹🎮🏂⚽️🍣🌮⛈🔥🌈🌃🇰🇷✈️🇹🇭🆒🎶🎉🚀🏆

Explosion Network

The Explosion Network casts a wide net of content with a focus on video games, movies and television shows. We aim to deliver conversational and engaging content with a focus on video games, television, movies and pop culture.


The SidAlpha YouTube channel focuses in Video games Industry News, commentary, and opinions being provided in an attempt to promote consumer advocacy within the Games Industry.

Transport Evolved

We're the team behind Transport Evolved, an independent YouTube channel bringing you the latest and greatest in cleaner, greener, safer and smarter transportation. This Ko-Fi is to let you send us tips to buy us food when we're out of the office, keep our coffee cups filled, and share the love of what we do!

Level1 Techs, LLC

The name Level1 is a bit tongue-in-cheek. It’s meant to be a bit funny. To someone that doesn’t work in the tech industry, Level1 sounds good. To insiders, the Level 1’s are the entry-level folks – the lower tier helpers. At one time or another, we were all Level1; we all had to start somewhere. Our aim for our channel and our community is to be that ‘somewhere’ for a new generation of nerds. We aim to bring together both technology enthusiasts and professionals to accomplish more using our collective minds, skills and resources. Whether you want to optimize your gaming experience, improve your programming skills, learn to design a website or even just live vicariously through others posts about their projects, everyone is welcome to help us grow the community.


Welcome to my ko-fi! I do a variety of things art-related but this ko-fi is mainly used for fansign and art commissions :) I prefer to be contacted through my artsy twitter (@vuhnill) if you want to make a deal or trade. Thanks for the support !!

ShumDario News

Stay informed on all the latest news about Matthew Daddario (actor, producer & director) and Harry Shum Jr. (dancer, actor, writer, producer & director).