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Rocket Cat Rescue
We are an independent cat rescue located in Northern California that specializes in saving special needs, blind, and at risk cats. All proceeds will go directly to the cats medical bills and supplies! We greatly appreciate every cent. We also have shops online here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RocketCatSwag https://teespring.com/stores/rocketcatrescue
Mandy Charlton
Photographer, Writer, Blogger, Social Media Enthusiast, Passionate Urban Gardener, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Lightroom User, Business Mentor Lover of Cake, Musicals and Superheroes Great at communication through images and words, ask me a business question or book a zoom call on any of the above subject for the price of a coffee or two, if I don't know the answer, I will find someone who does.
Lis Wonder
Thank you so much for the love and the ko-fi! Your support helps soooo much to continue cosplaying and creating more characters I have always dreamt of doing. It also helps to purchase photography equipment, edits, and much more. God bless you!
Atelier Heidi
I'm a multimedia artist, theatrical designer, and seamstress living in Seattle, Washington. I create digital art, cosplay, fashion, photography, and more!
Eric Manix
I'm a digital and film photographer from Olympia, Washington. My primary focus these days is cosplay photography.
Hi my name is Cynthia and I'm a toyphotographer from the Netherlands. On IG I share my love and passion for Pokémon and I do this by traveling across the land for each Pokémon to photograph. All donations will go towards new figures to photograph
Jer Keene
Jer Keene is an author and artist who lives in Florida with a mate, two Podlings, and three cats who don't understand boundaries. She can be found in strange places on the internet. @deadcatwithaflamethrower for Tumblr and AO3, thedeadcat for Dreamwidth, @JerKeene on Twitter when I remember my Twitter exists, and my first book is found at https://www.amazon.com/Ashlesha-Awaken-Stars-Jer-Keene/dp/1945932066/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ashlesha&qid=1617163446&sr=8-1 (Yes I know the sequel is supposed to be out already but Life Happened. A *lot* of life happened, but Vishakha is an active work in progress. Also, B&N suddenly only has the eBook; Amazon and other booksellers have the hardback and paperback copies of Ashlesha.
Sunny 16 Podcast
The Sunny 16 Podcast is a weekly show with Ade, Rachel and Graeme talking about all things analog photography related. Most weeks we're joined by fantastic guests, from photographers and educators to inventors and film manufacturers from all over the world. It's British, it's fun, and it's filled with film photography goodness!
Hello my name is Miiu. . I create cosplay since 2015 and its a huge part of my life since then. This hobby means a lot to me, i started without any knowledge, sewing, crafting, styling a wig. Every part of this hobby is awesome! (planning, pattering, crafting, styling wigs and visit conventions) . Why Should I Support You? . I would love to work more on cosplay related stuff. I got barely time for my hobby and Ko-fi would help me a lot. It would give me so much more possibilities. . My content is invisibly watermarked once downloaded. Uploading it on other platforms will lead to legal prosecution. Private use only. Public spreading is strictly prohibited. . There won't be any refunds once you received the file with the access link. thank your for your support! . If you have any problems contacted me here E-mail: miiukadoo.cosplay@gmail.com 💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗 Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miiukadoo/?hl=de . Twitter: https://twitter.com/miiukadoo?lang=de . Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/miiukadoo . Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-pij2guTvDtySavLVyZIQ
Crafting With April
Welcome! I am an​ Official Cricut® Partner! Please create your account and log in before doing any type of support - per ko-fi. Thank you for your support! Please join a tier or Monthly support or you will not have access to files. One time support does not gain file access. Note- Most files are Design Space files. I use Cricut Access images in designs. If you don't subscribe you may need to purchase images or swap them out. Not all images can be changed. I do use free images when possible. The current password is in the Calendar post & unlocked automatically if your are eligible. Happy Crafting! Monthly Subscribers get access to the Elite Facebook group also!
Vlad Savov
I'm the Vlad that's been posting dreamy photos of Tokyo on Twitter. I shoot exclusively with smartphones and make my edits in Lightroom. This is my tip jar.
Bit Errror
Digital artist based in Madrid, I work manipulating photographs, videos, vectors, textures and anything that inspires me to do something new. I try to talk about our relationship with the world, nature, loneliness, friendship, the passing of time, sometimes just everyday life. I also experiment with other types of work that help me to explore new tools and push the boundaries of my work, looking for other ways to express myself.
Adventure Nomad for Nature
TRAVEL, HIKE & EXPLORE WITH ME, A NOMAD FOR NATURE ~ Roxy was born to explore, hike, climb, travel, and live an outdoor life. A gypsy at heart, a true nomad and traveler, she was living in a vehicle to experience the freedom that comes from not living in a traditional home, a long time before the modern-day nomadic lifestyle became a thing, and before the hashtag #vanlife​, was invented. Even in her teenage years, Roxy was dreaming of visiting distant lands and longed to leave England in search of adventure. Now as a US/UK citizen she explores the US, enjoys high altitude hiking, and is always researching new places to explore. She's currently in her 16th Year as a solo nomad, hence the Yr.16, Episode... but many of her videos stand alone. Be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to ensure you don't miss any episodes. Please check out her blog at http://nomadfornature.wordpress.com/​ to read the first 11 chapters of her book 'A Year Without a Kitchen Sink' for free!
Alan Baxter
Author of dark weird shit. Practitioner and teacher of kung fu. Whisky-soaked swear monkey. Dog lover. Britstralian. Ramfeezled.
We're cosplay couple from Czech Republic, concentrating on costumes from games and comic books. :) Doing our best not just to make great costumes but make the characters truly come to life through our story driven photo shoots and fan films :) We appreaciate your support ^^
Fan Maps
I'm a Map Curator and I share maps on Instagram. Check out my page.
David Lowe
Since writing my first blog post in January 2013 I have published more than 100 detailed trail write-ups as well as numerous posts about exploration of outdoor ruins, hiking and sightseeing. The main reason for getting Ridgeline Images started was frustration with the lack of information in English on hiking trails around Tokyo. In that time more than 1.5 million people have visited my site, and I hope many of you have gotten some inspiration and enjoyed some memorable adventures of your own. If you think reading Ridgeline Images is worth a few coffees, please feel free to kick that in here. I appreciate it, and every donation I get energises me to keep the blog going. Thank you! David
Graphite Maiden
I am a Nigerian freelance artist and dancer. I am passionate about my craft and health and fitness (vegetarian/vegan) and I love nutmeg.
AVO Magazine / Francisca Hagen
AVO Magazine is a Japan-related website with a big focus on Japanese (indie) music and is run by Francisca, who has been active as a writer, reporter, interviewer, photographer, translator, contact person, and volunteer booking agent! By buying a digital coffee, every once and a while will make it possible to keep AVO Magazine online and active. By buying a digital coffee, you will get access to a special channel on our Discord channel where you will be able to get early access or early updates about what will be published, possibilities to join Q&A's and more. Join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/eDBnZxA A donation is never mandatory. It will also help AVO Magazine to share the articles on social media.
Classic Lenses Podcast
Johnny Sisson, Perry Ge and Simon Forster (plus an occasional guest or two) release their inner lens geek and talk about using old (and modern) manual focus lenses in this weekly globe spanning digital and analogue friendly podcast. The podcast emerged from the popular Facebook group, Photography With Classic Lenses and that’s where the main discussion on each podcast can be found.
I love science and nature and I want you to love it, too! I volunteer a lot of my time to outreach projects, both in person (where I bring Real Live Bugs for people to meet!), and through the internet via social media. I focus primarily on insects because that's what I'm the most interested in, and I think they are a vastly under-appreciated part of our world.
Asia Murphy
I'm a scientist that uses trail cameras to study animals and share nature's wonders. I like to write about science in a way that entertains and educates. I also sell my photography at tiny.cc/anatialaphoto
Hiii welcome !! This is where you can donate to support or make RLC payments for my art shop (link below) or order SFW fansigns (contact me through my artsy twitter @vuhnill) Thanks so much for visiting ♡
Hello! My name is Sugarhime! You can call me Sugar, Hime or any other name you feel is fitting. 💖 Every Ko-fi supports my dream of making my small business a success and let me spoil you all with little gifts here and there!
🏳️‍🌈♿ She/Her; They/Them. Neurodivergent (ASD & ADHD). Ambulatory wheelchair & cane user since #MultipleSclerosis dX in '16. Previously an Anthropologist student, now just someone fond of photography, writing & some beta-testing. On Fedi: @eloisa@masto.pt