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Sabastien Pillay
Hi Friends! My name is Sabastien Pillay from South Africa. I am a multi-disciplinary illustrator/designer that is inspired from my daily activities, people and the world around me with a blend of my imagination. My goal is to share with you my creative process and design in hopes of support and appreciation of the craft.
Fragmented Psyche
Educating through Entertainment, we make content that is relatable to a variety of mental illness, neurodivergency, and life's struggles. Our goal is to make your day 1% better!
Kick in the Creatives
Art and Creativity Podcast | Creative Challenges Kick in the Creatives is the place to find an abundance of creative online challenges all year round. Alongside the website, we have a fun and creative podcast offering you interviews, inspiration, motivation and a general 'kick' in the right direction. We also have a YouTube channel where you can find light-hearted and fun, art tutorial videos every Sunday... and we have a Facebook group where you can find like-minded creatives friends to chat to! You can find our podcast here: https://kickinthecreatives.com/kick-creatives-podcast/
Eric Campbell
Game Master! It's what I do. I began running live streamed games at Geek & Sundry back in 2016 and was a part of the movement that brought this content to life on twitch.. Through all the games I've run, my players and I have explored the human experiences we all share: anxiety, fellowship, falling down, getting back up and taking a stand. Gaming has transformed my life and the community that gathers around the screen to hear these stories have inspired me to make this my calling.
Hi! My name is Kaitlyn, and I'm a freelance illustrator and blogger dedicated to mental health awareness and using art to provide dashes of color, positivity, and inspiration to make life just a little bit brighter. Any support you send will help me afford wet food for my finicky fur baby 😺 and allow me to spend more time making Color Me Happii stuff. You can also find more art prints, stickers, activity books, and printables on my Etsy store! Thank you so much! 💕
Hi everyone I'm Caped Joel, Comic Loving Canuck With All The Yucks. Maybe you know me from my own Youtube channel where I make videos everyday on the hottest comic book content. Or you might know me from my several popular podcasts & video shows online like The Elseworld Exchange, The Weekly Pull Or The Comic Multiverse.
Crafting With April
Welcome ! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP AND LOG IN BEFORE DOING ANY TYPE SUPPORT! Thank you for your support! ONLY MONTHLY SUPPORTERS WILL HAVE FILE ACCESS. Note- Most files are Design Space files. I use Cricut Access images in designs. If you don't subscribe you may need to purchase images or swap them out. Not all images can be changed. I do use free images when possible. If you choose one time support you may request a file one time per 30 days of support. Monthly subscribers the password is in the Calendar email and it will be unlocked automatically. One time support you will not be able to view the password. Monthly subscribers: you can save 10% annually Join on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/craftingwithapril Cancel Ko-fi on PayPal www.PayPal.com Happy Crafting! Monthly Subscribers get access to the Elite Facebook group also!
A Lesbian and Her Laptop
technical writer by day, creative writer by night. my blog a hub for lgbtq+ topics, including queer book reviews, personal gay experiences, and my most notable series, "How I Met My Girlfriend."
True Crime (& More) With Caledonian Kitty
Hey everyone! I am a writer of true crime, personal, sex & relationships & erotica. I post weekly content. Some of my content is posted here but most of it goes on my Patreon & via email. If you sub, I will send all content to your email inbox You can view all of my weekly true crime posts on: http://www.caledoniankitty.co.uk/ for free but if you enjoy my work & would like to help support me, please consider making a small donation above or via my PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/CalKittyTrueCrime SUBSCRIPTIONS: ** Please contact Jo before signing up at caledoniankblog@yahoo.co.uk Tier 1: £100: Access to some of my weekly personal posts, erotic stories, podcasts, promo etc Tier 2: £200: Access to ALL weekly content from all of my platforms + promo & more If there's only certain content you're interested in, please check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CaledonianKitty Thank you so much x
Mochi Magazine
Mochi is the longest-running online publication for Asian American women. A team of 38 (volunteer!) designers, writers, editors, marketers, and PR specialists work to deliver timely and relevant content related to relationships, career, entertainment, beauty, fashion, politics, and more. Our mission is to support the growth and inclusion of Asian American women, amplify their voices and shed light on untold stories. We hope to continue being a source of information and inspiration for years to come.
M. Kirin
Non-Binary (they/them) novelist and coffee drinker. If you have been waiting for a sign to write, this is it. ☕️📚💕
Sian Meades-Williams
Freelance Writing Jobs is a weekly newsletter that lists *paying* writing gigs and editors actively-seeking pitches. All the good stuff, in your inbox every Wednesday.
Hey! I am a freelance character designer that visualizes others' dreams)) I appreciate any support
Journo Resources
We're Journo Resources, and we're here to level the playing field in the media – something which helps all of us. We create free content and resources which actually helps journalists, equips them with constructive tools, and supports them throughout their career.