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Gabriele Pezzin
Character artist and illustrator. I offer shoutouts and critiques to supporters!
I do art n' stuff. Specifically Pixel art and animation If you like what I do. maybe consider donating. I'd really appreciate it. Feel free to make suggestions if you ever donate. I'll end up doing ones I like so there's no harm in throwing stuff out there.
I like to draw a lot and hopefully learn to animate!! shops - https://anushops.carrd.co/ contact - anushbanush824@gmail.com
Freckled Fox
My name is Ramona MacLean and I’m a 32 year old freelance artist living in Canada. I’m casually over here rejecting adulthood, one unicorn at a time! Your support means the world to me! I cannot thank you enough! Xoxo
hello! i'm karla from the philippines and i love to draw, paint, and animate ! ( aircrackle is an anagram! ) your support would mean a lot to me and help me create more stuff!
Hey there! I'm Cort, a 2D/3D artist and animator learning coding and game development!
Bit Errror
Digital artist based in Madrid, I work manipulating photographs, videos, vectors, textures and anything that inspires me to do something new. I try to talk about our relationship with the world, nature, loneliness, friendship, the passing of time, sometimes just everyday life. I also experiment with other types of work that help me to explore new tools and push the boundaries of my work, looking for other ways to express myself.
Professional clean up Animator, Illustrator, Game Developer, and Concept Artist. Previously worked at Wayforward Technologies on multiple projects. Made multiple popular Rivals of Aether mods such as Ash (Andy Ayala), Slashe, Añi, Dusk, and Purrloin. Two Tracks for Rivals RC and a remake of Rivals of Fighter.
Hey! I am a freelance character artist. I draw for pizza and coffee
ENGLISH (Info en español más abajo) Hey, all! Welcome to my Ko-fi page I’m Monica Robles Corzo (or "Monarobot" online) I’m a concept artist from Mexico who's interested in designing (and redesigning) creatures, monsters, supernatural, fantastical and sci-fi entities–– as well as the concepts around them. Patrons who support me monthly on this page will know about my new projects before anyone, see my sketches and works in progress, as well as my fleshed out concepts. You’ll also gain access to my discord server, a chatroom where you can talk with me and others about numerous topics, share your own art and request feedback on your creative work if you so desire. Thank you very much for all your support! -M –– ESPAÑOL (Info in English above) ¡Hola a todos! Bienvenidos a mi página de Ko-fi Soy Mónica Robles Corzo (o "Monarobot" en línea) artista conceptual de Méxicoque se interesa diseñar (y rediseñar) criaturas, monstruos, entes sobrenaturales, fantásticas y de ciencia ficción–– Así como los conceptos a su alrededor. Mecenas que me apoyen mensualmente en esta página sabrán sobre mis nuevos proyectos antes que nadie, verán mis bosquejos y trabajos en proceso, así como mis conceptos ya desarrollados. También podrán acceder a mi servidor de discord, un chat en el que pueden hablar conmigo y otros sobre varios temas, compartir su propio arte y pedir retroalimentación en su trabajo creativo si así lo desean. ¡Muchas gracias por todo su apoyo! -M
Graphite Maiden
I am a Nigerian freelance artist and dancer. I am passionate about my craft and health and fitness (vegetarian/vegan) and I love nutmeg.
Echo Rivera
I help academics, scientists, evaluators & researchers can create effective presentations. I have online courses, downloads, and training videos available for free. If they've been helpful to you, consider supporting me here so I can continue. TIA!
Hello! My name is Sugarhime! You can call me Sugar, Hime or any other name you feel is fitting. 💖 Every Ko-fi supports my dream of making my small business a success and let me spoil you all with little gifts here and there!
Riley O'Brien
A trans Artist/Animator/Cat Dad just trying to make ends meet. Consider helping me afford my bills!
I'm a freelance animator who loves creating cartoons for people to laugh at and enjoy! Jobs are, unfortunately, sometimes very infrequent so I'm hoping I can get some love from you guys!