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Alex Hoffman
I'm Alex Hoffman a cartoonist in North Hollywood, California. I’m the creator of Tales of Absurdity, a comic that embraces the strange and is filled with puns, parodies and punchlines. I've recently started a new dinosaur themed comic, Dawn of Reptiles. I love exploring new mediums. I have a good amount of experience with pen and ink, markers and charcoal, but I’m trying to get more into watercolor and gouache. Besides that you can often find me doodling in my Sketch Wallet. I want to use Ko-fi to share examples of some of my favorite creations as well as share what kinds of pieces I’m working on that may not fit elsewhere. I may also be open for some digital art commissions if you’re looking for something for yourself or a gift for a friend. -Alex
Hi, I'm Muis, also go by Muisketeer! I'm a dutch indonesian illustrator. I love drawing small moments from life and playing with colour. If you like any content that I draw, please consider supporting me! Thank you for stopping by!
I'm a Comic Artist and Illustrator!
Marc makes comics
I’m a UK based cartoonist and I’ve created comics and characters for the BEANO, Comic Heroes Magazine, Aces Weekly, MooseKid comics, Comic scene magazine, The Brooklyn Red Hook Star- revue, Spiralbound/Medium, the SPARK and The ‘77. My 2017 comic "Here comes Cat Stevens" was commissioned by the Lakes International comic-art festival and funded by a grant from the Arts Council England. Last year I created two MAGNUM P.I. comics as well as the weekly instagram strip BRING THE NINJA. At the end of 2020, I started my new regular strip SPOOKIDS right here on Ko-fi. I also run cartoon and comics workshops in Schools and Libraries around the world and organise MACC-POW! a day of comic art in my hometown. Check out my Marc Makes Comics cartoon show on YouTube for weekly LIVE DRAWING sessions and tutorials. All content © 2021 Marc Jackson and Weirdo comics.
Gabriele Pezzin
Character artist and illustrator. I offer shoutouts and critiques to supporters!
Kiv Bui
𝐒𝐤𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐛𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐬, 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐲, 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐦, 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭’𝐬 𝐚𝐥𝐥.
Conrad Veddern
Artist, creator/author of Storm Of Bones and Wrangler (on Webtoon Canvas).
Welcome to Forest of Little Things! Take a walk with Little Fox and his friends to explore the wonders of an ordinary day.
Lis Wonder
Thank you so much for the love and the ko-fi! Your support helps soooo much to continue cosplaying and creating more characters I have always dreamt of doing. It also helps to purchase photography equipment, edits, and much more. God bless you!
Hi, I'm Maryne.🥖 I'm a French traditional artist, I mostly work with ink and watercolors. I'm a big D&D nerd and I thiiiiink it reflects on my work, but my main area of expertise is making comics! I've recently started posting my own fantasy/sci-fi webcomic online named "Quantum Disaster"! Read here: quantumdisastercomic.com I write, draw, paint, scan and clean up every single pages myself, but I'm working side by side with a friend of mine (Blazo) who tends to the website and uploads the pages weekly for me. This page can help me: Work on this comic full-time, aka post more pages more often. Pay my friend Blazo a salary that he deserves for all his hard work. And cover the expenses for everything I need to keep this project going (paper, watercolors, brushes, ink, etc + payment for potential sensitivity readers & editors). Thank you for reading, and if you check out Quantum Disaster, I really hope you enjoy it! ♥
Hi I'm Jade (they/them), a cartoonist and illustrator who loves to explore cozy fantasies and contemplative feelings in my work. I draw inspiration from RPGs, nature, and food! I'm also an avid collector of owl-things.
Freckled Fox
My name is Ramona MacLean and I’m a 32 year old freelance artist living in Canada. I’m casually over here rejecting adulthood, one unicorn at a time! Your support means the world to me! I cannot thank you enough! Xoxo
Get In The Robot
Come on in, it’s comfy in here! Welcome to our YouTube anime club. 🙂
I'm the creator of the webcomics Crumbs on WEBTOON Originals, and Small Blessings! Supporters here on Ko-Fi get access to my monthly behind-the-scenes art drop. <3
little corvus
I'm Teo (THEY/HE), aka Little Corvus. I'm a queer, transmasc Latinx comic artist & illustrator based in Seattle, WA. I love drawing street fashion, queer bois & positive, diverse stories. Your ko-fi donations go towards supporting my daily grind as a freelance artist, and are greatly appreciated! ★ gumroad.com/littlecorvus ★ https://littlecorvus.storenvy.com/ ★ littlecorvus.redbubble.com
Hello, I'm Cheryl, that person who loves drawing a lot of hamsters and environments. Any and all support is greatly appreciated <3
Blu || 24 || Twitch Partner **This page is for Commissions**
Illustration / Character Design / Twitch Streamer. Welcome to my Ko-fi, hope you enjoy my artwork and stay for a while!
Hi everyone I'm Caped Joel, Comic Loving Canuck With All The Yucks. Maybe you know me from my own Youtube channel where I make videos everyday on the hottest comic book content. Or you might know me from my several popular podcasts & video shows online like The Elseworld Exchange, The Weekly Pull Or The Comic Multiverse.
Hi, J. Marme here, I do paintings and illustrations for a living. I'm the creator of the Super Smash Buddies (Smash Bros fanart) series and I'm currently working as a professional storyboard artist in an animation studio. I love videogames, space, the ocean and surreal imagery more than anything and my favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio. I'd love to be able to focus one day on my personal projects and I hope this is a step on the right direction. Thank you for your support! :)
Lemon Bell
Hello! I'm Sarah and I am just a simple cosplayer from Arizona. I'm a full-time student and part-time at my job, so this account just helps for the cosplay fun! You’ll find most of my cosplay stuff on my Instagram!
kelly c
HEY I'M KELLY AND I MAKE WEIRD ART FOR OTHER WEIRDOS!! I am a grown ass adult who makes content for other grown ass adults, but if you're here you probably know that already. Crowdfunding allows me to take time to generate original content and experiment with things I might not otherwise be able to, like new styles and mediums, which I then provide pretty much for free all over the internet! I love sharing my work & your contribution will directly, positively influence my ability to do it!
Chan the Bean
Non-binary freelance cartoonist and illustrator, making comics by day and designing by night. I will be primarily using Ko-Fi as a source of income for emergencies and for my friends who need help.
Apola Pets
I'm a Mexican freelance illustrator and vet student. I rescue injured and orphaned birds, and other exotic pets from neglectful situations. All donations are to keep rescuing animals and paying for their vet bills and enclosures for new rescues, also toys and supplies for the sweet animals I take in ❤
I make comics! Currently my project is Kuro Shouri, a manga-inspired ongoing comic. Any support will not buy me coffees (yuck!) but probably gatorades for me to sip on while arting. Thanks!
Writer and artist. HarperCollins, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Marvel and more. Years ago did a series of Nintendo webcomics you probably saw on Reddit.
Comic Artist / Tired Adult Thank you for supporting my work (and by extension, spoiling my kids). You're the best!
Professional Illustrator. Animator, Game Developer, Concept Artist, Webcomic Author. Creator of the "AKB" game series and the webcomic "Probably Puppets"
Little Foolery
Little Foolery is a creative circle between two best friends, Alex "Muun" Singer and Jayd "Chira" Aït-Kaci, focused on producing original stories of a magical nature. Muun writes, Chira draws, and together they create. Nothing more to it.
999 Sketches
999 Sketches is - 999 Sketches by me: Julian Newman - just random stuff as I practice and improve my drawing skills. Follow the project from 001 - 999
Suzie (Siqi)
I am a freelance illustrator from Singapore. I hope to bring more positivity to the world through my cute lil punny illustrations.
Cara McGee
I draw beautiful men, punks, and comics like Black Canary and Over the Garden Wall.
I'm here to share artwork and my Lovecraftian horror comic, LEEDS. Tips help fund new supplies for traditional and digital media, as well as program subscriptions like Photoshop. Read LEEDS and rate it on Webtoons - link below
Hello! My name is Alex and I like to draw random cuteness ♡ ★ EVERYONE - You can find hi-res images free for personal use in Gallery and Shop ☆ ★ SUPPORTERS - you can find wips+sketches+thoughts and extra goodies in the Gallery and Posts ☆
Hello! I'm Tess Stone, a transmasc comic artist and writer! Mostly known for my webcomic, Not Drunk Enough, as well as an adult (18+) miniseries Seen Nothing Yet! I also like games, lettering, streaming and GHOSTS.
Adam Foreman
Hi, I'm Adam Foreman and I create a webcomic about a slice of marshmallow life called 'Slice of Mallow'. I also run a weekly online art challenge called '1 hour 1 sketch' too. Thanks for the support 🙏 -Adam Foreman
I'm an artist through and through. Hope you enjoy my work and thanks for the support!
Hey! I'm Mona, a Monster artist and illustrator from Chiapas, Mexico- I make monsters and reinterpret pop culture creatures in my style! ​ ​I was featured in Guillermo del Toro’s “At Home with Monsters” Expo, gave a Masterclass for Pixelatl and was a Prop Designer on Onyx Equinox. My next goal is to be a monster and concept artist for film- Your support here affords me the extra time I need to do that! Portfolio Monarobot.com ​Email: monarobotartworks@gmail.com ​ Thank you for your support! Mona — Hola a todos, soy Mona, artista de Monstruos e ilustradora de Chiapas, México- Hago monstruos y reinterpreto criaturas de la cultura pop en mi estilo! ​ ​Fui parte de la exposición “En Casa con mis Monstruos” de Guillermo del Toro, di una Clase Maestra para Pixelatl y fui Diseñadora de Utileria en Onyx Equinox. Mi próxima meta es ser artista conceptual y de monstruos para cine! Tu apoyo aquí me permite tener el tiempo extra que necesito para hacerlo! Portafolio: Monarobot.com ​Email: monarobotartworks@gmail.com ¡Gracias por tu apoyo! Mona
Illustrator | Aspiring Retirist . I'm somehow making comics now. So that happened.
Cassandra Jean
I'm an Illustrator. prints @ society6.com/cassandrajean shop @ gumroad.com/cassandrajean
I'm a storyboard revisionist/Comic book artist living in LA! I draw lots of marvel fanart for funsies and at conventions! Hit me up for pre-show commissions/at-show commissions at NYCC!
Connie Sun is a cartoonist and writer, based in NYC. She draws a comic strip about being a single, odd, and introspective human with a wise elephant companion. Her cartoons have been featured in The New Yorker, NPR, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, GoComics, McSweeney's, Climbing Magazine, Tabi Labo, Angry Asian Man, and She Explores.
Cleonique Hilsaca is a Honduran Illustrator, living in Savannah, GA. Her professional work can be found in newspapers, magazines and books. She is currently working on her first children’s picture book and graphic novel. Though her work is primarily digital, she can be found painting watercolors in the wild.
Graphite Maiden
I am a Nigerian freelance artist and dancer. I am passionate about my craft and health and fitness (vegetarian/vegan) and I love nutmeg.
Brian Russell
Rad Dad. Creator of The Underfold a webcomic about parenting, work, D&D and awkwardness.
Hello there ! I’m a freelance illustrator based in France, and I specialize in cute, whimsical artworks and comics. As you may know, making a decent living out of art is an everyday challenge. I love creating all the same, so if you'd like to support my art and would enjoy seeing more, please buy me a cookie ! 💖
🌸 Mandy is a Tech Artist by day and an illustrator by night. 🌙 🌿 http://mandyjacek.com
War and Peas
Please support our dirty fantasy to make comics full-time. Smooch Smooch!
Happy Fluff Comics
Hey guys! I'm Akshara aka Fluff. I'm the creator of happyfluffcomics. I'm a comic artist based in Chennai, India.I draw to make people smile. If I made you smile consider buying me a coffee :)Thank you for supporting my work :)
Barry J. Hutchison
I've written over 80 books for children and teens, and the Space Team comedy scifi series for grown-ups. I also write comics and visit schools to encourage kids to write.
Echo Rivera
I help academics, scientists, evaluators & researchers can create effective presentations. I have online courses, downloads, and training videos available for free. If they've been helpful to you, consider supporting me here so I can continue. TIA!
Jess Thomas
I make comics about the rich inner lives of birds.
Jeff Pennington
I'm the creator of the webcomic Inksburg, an illustrator, graphic designer, and co-host of novelty podcasts M-Class Podcast (Star Trek) and OGOCPod (Original Characters)! I'm striving to make art my main career and juggle that with making projects on my own and growing as an artist.