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Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club
Thanks for your support and generous donations for our lockdown sessions and return sessions. We will be presenting some new shows via Facebook and Youtube so stay tuned. We are now open so please go to the website and purchase tickets for LIVE shows or continue to watch at home! WWW.RONNIESCOTTS.CO.UK
Paul Scott Canavan
I’m a Scottish artist who works on Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering. I am currently designing my first game, a gothic RPG called Pale Tides. If you like what I do, this is a neat way to support me ♥️
*SICKENING* Is an online Drag Cabaret you can enjoy from your own house! In times like this it is vital to support your local artists as most gigs have been canceled, and for most of us this is our only income.
Scott Paul Johnson
WAIT! As much as I genuinely appreciate your donations, you might prefer this option: Instead of donating (which I really appreciate), you might enjoy signing up for my Patreon. I have over 120 lessons on there so far, a weekly Q&A livestream, and much more! Donations are great (and much appreciated) but for a couple bucks more, you could check out my online school for a month. Do NOT pay for Patreon here - Learn more about it on my website
Joanne Harris and the Storytime Band
I tell stories. I also play with a band, and we enjoy the odd pint of, er, coffee...
Bit Errror
Digital artist based in Madrid, I work manipulating photographs, videos, vectors, textures and anything that inspires me to do something new. I try to talk about our relationship with the world, nature, loneliness, friendship, the passing of time, sometimes just everyday life. I also experiment with other types of work that help me to explore new tools and push the boundaries of my work, looking for other ways to express myself.
Thanks for all the coffees you got to us in the past. We're closing ko-fi for now, but we'll be on Spotify and Apple Music to give you our best selections! Peace. ····· Indiemono tries to help independent artists in reaching their dreams and a fair future for music, with equity and conscience for the journey every artist has to endure. That's our focus every day. If you're reading this, you can do it, we believe in you :)
Albums in the Attic
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: ALL DONATIONS WILL NOW BE REVIEWED IN JANUARY AS THE SHOW IS ON HIATUS. THANK YOU!!! Current affairs music podcast hosted by Raf Batchelor & James Maitre. Featuring news & reviews. Available on iTunes & Soundcloud. Based in Brighton.
Pixel Mixers
Pixel Mixers is an open group dedicated to arranging, performing, and creating video game remixes and covers. We organize contests, community-albums, and plenty of other exciting events throughout the video game community. All ages, experiences, backgrounds, and gamers welcome!
The Piano Witch 🔮🎶 📍 Kyiv, Ukraine - piano lessons - sheet music & commissions - Tarot readings, and more 💕👇
Hi! 🌟 I'm Belzifer and I'm French composer from France. I'm creating emotional pieces of music since 2016. 🎹 My music is very soft and melancholic, and it's most of the time very sad with a lot of textures and instruments. Music is for me the only way to express what i really feel inside; As an introvert, it helps me to show to the world who I really am from the inside. What I love to create is music that can help people on their daily life. I want them to dream, to disconnect from the world a few minutes to understand their inner self more. I always do my best to create the best music for everyone to enjoy. Listen to my music on streaming services: https://ampl.ink/1jOyJ Hire me for your project: http://bit.ly/2JzaT9I Or support me here on Ko-Fi 💫💖
Life Is Music Entertainment
Life is Music Entertainment was founded in Poland in 2008 and since then has done a lot of gigs and club events with DJs from Europe, concerts that were public and massive. We run a YouTube channel and promote artists. We would like to make more professional videos for the benefit of all lovers of good music. If you like the idea of Life Is Music Entertainment and you want to support our business, it's good to know that every donation will be what it will do, that thanks to you, we will become a global brand. An artist-friendly brand that promotes the best music content in the world. Thanks to you, this brand can be an invaluable contribution to the world's music culture, shaping the tastes and presenting the most talented artists you would never have a chance to hear. Thank you.
TRAKTIVIST is the only radio show & blog of its kind that places spotlights on Asian American artists through our in-studio performances, exclusive interviews, and live playlists.
This crowdund is now closed. Please redirect your contributions to TidalCycles to: https://opencollective.com/tidalcycles Thanks everyone for the support!
"We manage your music, build your audience and create connections". Music is our passion and our main activity is music marketing: we work closely with many Spotify playlist curators. Joining us means to get the opportunity to reach more people with your music and increase the chances to be heard. Every coffe you decide to donate is a big help to us to support our daily activity :)
Chroma P
Hello! My name's Chroma P, I'm an aspiring music producer using VOCALOID software to create songs.
AVO Magazine (Francisca)
AVO Magazine is a Japan-related website with a big focus on Japanese (indie) music and is run by Francisca, who has been active as a writer, reporter, interviewer, photographer, translator, contact person, and volunteer booking agent! By buying a digital coffee, every once and a while will make it possible to keep AVO Magazine online and active. By buying a digital coffee, you will get access to a special channel on our Discord channel where you will be able to get early access or early updates about what will be published, possibilities to join Q&A's and more. Join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/eDBnZxA A donation is never mandatory. It will also help AVO Magazine to share the articles on social media.
Jeff Young
Lead guitarist on Megadeth's platinum selling LP, So Far, So Good… So What! Wrote the cult-classic 'Fingerprints' column in Guitar magazine. In 1998, he jumped genres, co-wrote & produced Badi Assad's release entitled, Chameleon. The album climbed to #1 in Europe, also topping JAZZIZ magazine's Readers Poll. “Jeff Young, voted 5th Most Underrated Metal Guitarist of the 80s" - sqidoo
Kara Comparetto
Hello, I'm so glad to have you here! With social media becoming such an incredible tool for me to share my music, I'm hoping that I can use this place to accept your donations, which in turn will allow me to give you more as well! Here's a list of some of the things your donations would help fund: Piano tunings and repairs Album releases CD production Recording equipment Concerts Video Production Sheet music