Hosting service monthly cost

25% of goal

In order to host this free Discord bot for the users of Discord, I am required to pay the hosting service to run this bot 24/7 with little downtime. The current cost is $20 but may increase when more servers are using the bot. Thank you for helping in spreading the awareness of this virus!


I'm a freelancing developer that wishes to provide free Discord bots to everyone. One of my projects, COVID Bot, is a free Discord bot that aids users of the spread, symptoms, and advice on COVID-19.

Hello there! Thank you for your interest in supporting me and this project. The COVID Bot sole purpose is to provide free advice, symptoms, and awareness of COVID-19 to the users of Discord. The main problem with the project being free is that I require the bot to be hosted 24/7 on a hosting service, which costs money! Support from you will allow me to host this bot continually so we can spread awareness of this virus.

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