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Monthly goal for July 2020 ($660)


Hi, I'm AarinFantasy from the AF forum and AarinSecret magazine. The purpose of this Ko-fi page is to keep my site up for yaoi and BL fans or community. Share the love! p/s: "Buy a Yaoi for AarinFantasy" is just a cute way of Ko-fi saying Donate.

If you like my content and site, please consider supporting what I do. I hope to continue with the forum site and do more for everyone who enjoys yaoi and BL. Funds will all go to the main server, my back-up server, domains, maintenance and to support any BL projects that I am doing. If all goes well, I'm able to bring back AarinSecret magazine too. Thank you for your support! All donors will be given forum points. Monthly donors will be given extra forum points and other special perks in future (either forum related items or BL items). UPDATE: 19th Feb 2019: March 2019 goal fulfilled! 16th Mar 2019: April 2019 goal fulfilled! 1st May 2019: May 2019 goal fulfilled! 1st June 2019: June 2019 goal fulfilled! 1st July 2019: July 2019 goal fulfilled! 2nd Aug 2019: Aug 2019 goal fulfilled! 3rd Sept 2019: Sept 2019 goal fulfilled! 2nd Oct 2019: Oct 2019 goal fulfilled! 1st Nov 2019: Nov 2019 goal fulfilled! 16th Dec 2019: Dec 2019 goal fulfilled! 3rd Jan 2020: Jan 2020 goal fulfilled! 1st Feb 2020: Feb 2020 goal fulfilled! 31st Mar 2020: Mar 2020 goal fulfilled! Apr 2020: Still lack $118 but I've personally covered for April. May 2020: Still lack $58 but I've personally covered for May. June 2020: June 2020 goal fulfilled! July 2020: NOT fulfilled yet. (Currently receiving donation for July 2020 goal) Forum page to track donor's list:

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