Supplies for Designing a Tarot Deck & Stories

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Art supplies, art supplies, art supplies...For years, decades in fact, I've wanted to make my own Tarot deck. I'm researching what it takes, and I know I need ink and paper. It's a long-term project, that's for sure, and I need to learn all my options. But in the meantime, this is where I'm starting. Thank you!


I write stories. I make art. I drink too much coffee, worship dogs, and have been known to run down to the corner in my socks to get a better look at the full moon.

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Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do. Your financial support goes toward art supplies, ink, paper, glue, and whatever else keeps the work alive. Please know that your support adds light to my days and fuel to my imagination. May magic shine upon you. Thank you.

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