Chaos Doverspike

Working in any medium requires skill, materials, & discipline. And ideally, a sustainable income. Support takes many forms; this source motivates me to invest in the workshop's capabilities & future projects. Often times, that means upgrading hand tools or machines, allowing me to work faster (and safer). --- Current and Future Plans --- - Finish out existing commissions & take limited slots per month, to balance existing work and new projects, such as: - Design scalemail armor, in both leather and metal - Develop an armor pattern & tutorial, to see what that demand is like. - Resume mask making; I have several laying in pieces and/or boxes. I'd like to have at least one 'finished' by Halloween. --- List of Goals --- Goal [01] - Doverspike Rebrand Goal [02] - A Thermal Printer Goal [03] - Hardware Resupply Goal [04] - Leather Resupply > Goal [05] - Leather Splitter Goal [06] - PC Rebuild Goal [07] - Project Hexgrinder

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