Hello, World! I shall not use this "intro/pinned post" the way this platform suggests; "Tell your visitors how you will use your Ko-fi page", but I'll dedicate it to Mr. Jones, my top supporter a wonderful person, a beautiful soul! Always by my side, supporting me in all possible ways... and signing his emails each time "Your friend, K." He is indeed my friend! Never met a person like him, and I don't think I'll ever meet another. It started before being on Kofi. My journey as a creator began last year, a few weeks before our "date" on Twitter, and while I kept looking for a "place" to express myself as an artist, he stood by my side "keeping an eye on" me and my media. Then we finally "landed" on Kofi! We keep in our hearts the first place, the first words, the first song... I shall not go further with my heart, I'll just end here saying once again a big big THANK YOU, Mr.JONES! I wish every creator to have a "top supporter" like him!

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