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Hey, I'm Artie I use they/them pronouns. I am a nonbinary bi/queer person, who is also chronically ill, disabled, neurodivergent and mentally ill. This makes working a 'normal' 9-5 type job basically impossible. I have Crohn's disease, Hyper Mobility Syndrome and a super rare vasculitis called Takayasu's Arteritis. These limit my functionality. I'm pretty functional from home and can/do work when I can find it. I currently top edit articles for Salty World Magazine but it's not enough to pay for living costs. I also have a blog ( a YouTube ( and try to work with other people as well on other projects. I was getting back into Acting and Modeling before the pandemic, Lockdown and my health stop me from being able to go for many (if any) jobs like this as well. I make a lot of free content online mainly focusing on Queer, Disabled, or Bookish themes. Please consider buying me a ko-fi and helping me to continue living the way I do right now and hopefully improving my quality of life.

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