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*No paying clients, son has been furloughed, we are in dire straits. *We need $1800/month for all our bills, including food and toiletries. *If I've ever helped you find work, get a raise, or gave you a free job coaching session or mediumship mini-reading (whether on my radio shows or in my blog posts or in-person or chat) in the last 12+ years, would you please consider donating $3 or $6 today? *Thank you so much! 💞🕯️🙏


Former Job/Life Coach, Medium, Radio Host/Producer/Writer, Personnel Recruiter, and Freelance Writer/Editor/Proofreader. I am also a widow in the process of healing while I try to become financially independent again. Created weekly videos (positive messages for the week). Created more than 100 episodes/podcasts of my radio show, Messages From The Other Side over a 3+ year time period. "Connecting you to your loved ones on the Other Side & teaching you to do the same." Created more than 100 episodes/podcasts of my radio show, Help Me Get Hired over a 3-year time period. Job coaching: Everything from creating your resume to follow-up to interviewing skills, salary negotiation, networking, and fine-tuning your job search. Currently seeking work or paying clients! "I don't know how this is going to turn out but I'm going to have a lot of fun trying it." ~ Anonymous💞🕯️🙏

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Please know all donations will be going towards my living expenses as I rebuild my life after loss. Every dollar counts and is *very much appreciated*! Thank you! 🙏 Love and light to all. 💞🕯️

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