Welcome to my Ko-fi site! I am bringing all of my life experience to the table here: as a woman, mother, wife, widow, medium, life coach, broadcaster, writer/editor, personnel recruiter, manager, and a gamer! It has been six years since my husband passed away and I am continuing to rebuild my life after loss. I am in the middle of adjusting my day/night sleep schedule and will soon be streaming once or twice a week. Once that is established, if you'd like, you can support me by a monthly membership via Ko-fi! I also now have my first commission up if you'd like to schedule a mediumship reading with me. Ko-fi has made it so simple, and I provide a scheduling link after payment is received. For more information, please read my Feb 10th, 2023 blog post. Thank you for your patience! 🙏 And thanks for coming along on this journey with me! Love and light to all of you. 💞🕯️ Be well, stay safe. 💜 ~Lisa

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