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Hi, I'm fyn. I'm currently making an animation series of one of the many, many stories buzzing around in my head-universe. I've been doing it at glacial speed for a while (kept improving, easier to redo than try to fix, some of you might be familiar with this particular version of development hell). Vaguely hoping moar coffees will help speed things up :)

Hello Kofinators! I originally spun this thing up so anyone interested in my AER project had an easy way to contribute towards it if they didn't feel up to the monthly commitment of Patreon or the shenanigans currently involved in getting used to steem. I've since decided to can the Patreon as I'm too slow to make any decent progress to make it worthwhile for monthly supporters, so it's just ko-fi and crypto now :) I'll continue dropping things here (both complete and wip), and may expand to dropping a wip images on each of work days (currently Tuesday and Thursday but may vary as sometimes I need to switch out due to other things happening - you can check my blog linked above if you want to know what those "other things" might be) as I can't seem to copy the progblogs over (because the blog thing doesn't seem to like inline images). Thanks for dropping by! :D

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