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I started loving to shoot photos this year when I got a new camera after my old equipment got stolen 4 years ago. It's now my most valuable hobby, and I try to practice it as much as I can. If there's something on my website you would like printed for yourself, follow the instructions there to send me an email. If you donated here before, I'd be happy to reduce the price by the amount you donated!

Jannis Tenbrink
Donations will go directly towards trying to build some kind of financial stability. I'm 50-100 short of the absolute financial minimum every month and only ever make it with random gifts or by selling something, the first of which you don't ask and just have to be lucky for and the second of which is very much not sustainable even mid-term.

Donating here, no matter how much, will go towards reducing stress in that direction, and if I make enough I'll be able to care for some things you never have the money for at once at this financial level - currently: Shoes, a bed, kitchen equipment, textiles (bedroom, bathroom, curtains), clothes. (I can live daily life without major complications, but stuff gets older and wears off, sometimes breaks. You make due until you can care for replacements.)

Eventually I'd love to extend my camera equipment too, but that's yet another price range. If you love my photography a lot and want to help me extend my creative reach, you can support me specifically for that purpose through this wishlist:

If you don't want to donate into the void and rather want to provide something that's just nice, you can take a look at my movie-wishlist. A financial basis will always be priority, but something nice is, well, a nice thing too :)

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