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I first started shooting photos as a hobby back during my studies of media engineering. My camera gear got stolen out of my door room - four years later, completely out of nowhere I got gifted a new camera for Christmas. Now, since 2 years I'm back at it again, stronger and more passionately than ever, and by now it's far more important for me than it has ever been!. It's actually my most valuable hobby now, next to hiking and being a loving plant parent, and I hope you enjoy the results of me trying to improve with every release. If there's something on my website you would like to own as a print, follow the instructions there to send me an email. In life I'm trying to figure things out right now, so I'm battling with social care and capitalism while I try to get a foothold in finding what I want to and can do and a way to do things I'm passionate about while still being able to live. Current goal is finding a job that works for me; it particularly needs to be aware of a few things and flexible towards some of my needs so that I can exist and work there.

Jannis Tenbrink
Donations will go towards financial stability. I'm 100-150 short of my financial minimum every month and only ever make it with random gifts or by selling something, the first of which you don't ask for and need to be lucky with and the second of which is highly unsustainable. Donating here, no matter how much, will go towards reducing financial stress, and if I make enough I'll be able to care for some things I'd never have the money for otherwise, especially things with which I can save money long-term. Being environmentally responsible is a huge priority for me, but also something you don't really have the privilege for in poverty. Eventually I'd also love to improve my camera equipment. If you enjoy my photography and want to help me extend my creative reach, you can support me specifically for that purpose through this wishlist: If you don't want to donate into the void and rather want to provide something that's just nice, you can take a look at my other wishlists. A financial basis will always be my personal priority, but something nice is, well, a nice thing too :) Movies: Books: Electronics: Life stuff: Gaming:

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