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About Wee Ping: Wee Ping was immensely interested in art and started her training since young, and had won more than 100 awards in art competitions. In 1993, she was awarded the EDB-Takashimaya Scholarship to further her training in art and design in Japan. She was especially keen on watercolor. Watercolor painting never fails to bring surprises to the artist as one can never fully anticipate how the completed artwork will turn out. Picturesque landscape and architecture are among her favourite subjects. Wee Ping’s battle with cancer has gained for her a new appreciation for watercolor painting. To her watercolor painting is like her cancer journey. As each stroke of brush brings her closer towards completing an art piece, it reflects her triumphant fight over cancer every single day. Currently, Wee Ping is an art instructor with 15 years of teaching experience.

Wee Ping
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