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Welcome to my Ko-fi site! I am bringing all of my life experience to the table here: as a woman, mother, wife, widow, medium, life coach, broadcaster, writer/editor, personnel recruiter, manager, and a gamer! For my very first offer in my Membership tiers, I'm offering a special (beta) membership program for widows 55+ yrs old & widowed for at least 3 yrs. It will start January 3, 2023. I am very excited about this program! It's called, Another Day Dawns: Giving Us Another Chance To Heal Our Hearts & Our Lives. It's about widows helping widows with overwhelm, one task at a time. We'll meet virtually twice a week (Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 3:30pm ET) to offer each other comfort, support, friendship, and mutual productivity. I think this could really work well for everyone, myself included! Please click on the Membership tab above for more details. If you aren't a widow but know someone who is and you think this group might benefit them, please forward them the url so they can see if it's the right fit for them at this time. Thank you! Please stay tuned for more offers, either additional tiers in the Membership section and/or in the Commissions section. Still prioritizing them. It's exciting and scary because I don't want to overwhelm myself but I do want structure and schedule my time between coaching, mediumship, writing, and gaming so I can finally create a fulfilling and steady income utilizing Ko-fi. It will be six years, on the 14th, since my husband passed away in December 2016. It's time to get re-energized, try a few new things to see what will work. (P.S. Please also check out my current goal-I changed it a week ago. My new office chair will have to wait. lol) Thank you for your patience! 🙏 And thanks for coming along on this journey with me! Love and light to all of you. 💞🕯️ Be well, stay safe. 💜 ~Lisa

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