Hello, everyone! :) If you'd like to help me create new products: videos, webinars, online courses (for either job searching, life coaching &/or mediumship), or reboot my radio show, please let me know by donating! Right now, everything is on hold due to a crashed hard drive on my computer. (I'm using my son's which isn't as powerful as mine was & has no webcam & can't handle more than 1 app open at a time.) So, money is needed for a new computer and a smartphone (which I've never had) with a data plan in order for me to provide you with the products you need: to find a job, create a happier life, help you with your sorrow. More info: 1, 2020. P.S. My son's 12-week furlough has been lifted, he's back to work, working from home due to COVID-19, and finally has received his unemployment benefits. So, any small donations will go towards a few immediate needs like 30+ light bulbs, a new mop/bucket, and additional food. Larger donations will cumulatively go towards a new computer and smartphone, so I can get back to work. Your donations are *greatly appreciated*! Thank you! 🙏 Love and light to all. 💞🕯️ Be well, stay safe. 💜 ~Lisa

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