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20 years ago, I started gaming on a GameBoy so my son & I could relate. He's grown now and we still play HoTS and many other games together. Some of my favorites are RimWorld, Heroes of the Storm, the Don't Starve series, Minecraft, and time management games. Gaming has helped me escape and cope with everyday stresses and, more recently, grief. I've decided to live-stream while learning new technology, and reaching out to others who could use a friendly voice, and a safe and fun space to heal. The more joy we can bring into each other's lives, the better! Thanks for joining me on this healing and joy-filled adventure! "I don't know how this is going to turn out but I'm going to have a lot of fun trying it." ~ Anonymous💞🕯️🙏

Please know all donations will be going towards my living expenses as I rebuild my life after loss. Every dollar counts and is *very much appreciated*! Thank you! 🙏 Love and light to all. 💞🕯️

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