I’m involved in the Games industry, Cybersecurity, and small business, and I also sell a bit of Loose Leaf Tea now and again! I've done tech talks about VR Development, VR Storytelling, Digital Forensics, and Web Development, and business talks about Start Up Mistakes, Branding, Doing Requirements Gathering Right, Dealing With Difficult Clients, Planning to Fail and Impostor Syndrome. I love talking about tech things, and I spend a lot of time listening to people’s projects and plans, and talking about how you can make your own games and businesses and projects, without destroying your life and health in the process. I talk a lot about core beliefs, and focus, and self-language, because how you talk to yourself and arrange things for yourself affects how others deal with you. In all my spheres I lobby for awareness of access for less privileged groups - can you bring your kids, are we telling people to bring things they don't own, is there help with transport, can only city people access this event? It doesn't always work but at least it keeps the issues front-of-mind. Since I’m not yet independently wealthy from my seekrit novel or my burgeoning cybersecurity career, and my uni fees and my ex are unexpectedly wrecking me financially right now, if I’ve said something in the past which you feel is worth a coffee it would be much appreciated. I promise to Pay It Forward when I have the opportunity.

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