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ko-fi allows you to receive income from fans of your web content. Create your button and share it anywhere on the web. Anyone who clicks your link can support you with a with a 'coffee' (a small payment that is roughly equal to the price of a coffee).

It's free to use. All you need is a PayPal account to receive payments.

Coffee is just a friendly metaphor and a nice way of giving an receiving support. Payment goes straight to you so it's up to you how you spend it. We recommend letting your supporters know how you intend to spend their contributions. If you're saving for something, you can even set up a goal.

When you create a button, you provide an email address. If that address is associated with a PayPal account, your supporter's payment is directly to your account.

If the email address you choose for your button not already associated with a PayPal account, PayPal will contact you the first time somebody donates with instructions of how to collect your payment.


See the instructions section.

Ko-fi doesn't display your email address publicly. At the payment stage, ko-fi hands over to your PayPal page.

Depending on your PayPal setup, PayPal may show your email on their 'checkout' page. It's possible to set up a new email account and associate that with your existing PayPal account. Your PayPal account can have multiple addresses associated with it.

Alternatively, you can set your PayPal to a 'Business' account for free. The name of your choice will appear on your payment page.

No problem! If you're signed in to your Ko-fi account, you can create new buttons that are linked to any PayPal email. It doesn’t have to be the one you use to sign in. Your account email can be any personal email. Even if it's not hooked up to any PayPal account.

There’s also an alternative solution if you don't wish to create a new button. You can link extra email addresses to your existing PayPal account and use more than one address to accept payments.

If you don't have a PayPal account, you can create one here.


Please provide feedback or suggestions on how we can improve this free service.

We will also love you forever if you share Ko-fi with someone that might find it useful!

Support and Suggestions: getintouch@ko-fi.com

If you'd like to remove your Ko-fi account, please click here.

If you have a concern, email us: getintouch@ko-fi.com