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Philip McClimon

Besides rewarding the honest, hard work that went into crafting these podcasts, books, ebooks, and audio books, your support will go towards equipment, subscription fees, and materials that will enable me to develop and publish content that celebrates the power of story. As an author, the greatest thrill I can get is to know someone out there is enjoying my work. Because of that, my podcasts are and always will be free. (The books, ebooks, and audio books come at price, albeit nothing extravagant, I assure you.) I want you to have access to my tales of woe and destruction, of success and triumphs, and yes, zombies. In addition, I am developing the philmwriter podcast network of shows. This network will include fiction stories, in the Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, and Urban Fantasy genres, as well as a movie review podcast, and a fan discussion podcast about the T.V show Psych. These are just some of the things I have in the works as I explore the exciting worlds of fiction and podcasting. I encourage and invite you to explore those worlds with me through your patronage. Your patronage will ensure that my stories will always be available. Through your support, you make my stories our story. And that also is a thrill. Philip A. McClimon

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