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I'm a freelance writer living in Chicago, and I write about sexual health, sex toys, and kink from the perspective of someone with chronic pelvic pain. I split my time between sex toy retail and freelancing and have two chronically ill kitties who require lots of care. Please be sure to select "SENDING TO A FRIEND" on PayPal. Otherwise, PayPal will take a cut of what you're donating!

Nicole G.
I know this won't pay my rent or my bills, and that's not my intention at all! It's mostly a way for people to show encouragement and support if they like what I'm doing or were touched by a particular piece of mine. I want to start conversations about pelvic pain and write sex toy reviews for folx who have more specific needs (ie smaller or more gentler toys). If you want to help raise awareness of chronic pelvic pain in the sex toy industry and even in mainstream media, consider sending some support my way!

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