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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, I’m saving money to create a LLC for my very first online analytics consultation company. Vision of my company is“ Create more meaningful and impressive visualisations via story-telling! “ I wish my company could help more data geek to produce their own “story- telling” for all the people over the world! Hope you guys can help me to achieve my goals to startup my new career and achieve my ultimate vision! Stay safe and stay healthy guys! -Kok Han-


Hey, I'm a digital geek in data real world, Kok Han from Malaysia. I love storytelling and turn data into insights. I hosted and developed not only to make my leisure time more meaningful, also intended to transform those boring data into an interesting storytelling. All the servers and hosting are maintained by myself alone. If you like my work, you will feel right at home here! You may consider buying me a coffee to help or support my work. If you want to support me but do not afford to buy me a coffee, it's okay as I still appreciating your support in another way! You may just drop me some comment on my Ko-fi profile! Thanks :D My projects: 1) LIVE COVID19 interactive dashboard 2) Visualization of Linkedin Profile on Google Data Studio You can follow me @gohkokhan or shoot me an email at [email protected]


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