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My name is Kaza Marie & I host a YouTube channel as Larp Girl. On my channel I chase down spectacular beasts, cast spells & visit worlds unknown, all while documenting my adventures. I deeply enjoy filming the wonderful world of live action role play. It has been my life for the past few years & has brought me a tremendous amount of joy. I hope to see you on the battlefield! Thank you. 3

‘Quel re Melloneamin! My name is Kaza Marie and I host a YouTube as Larp Girl. On my channel, I explore the many wolds of live action role play and document the adventures the take me on. Also on my channel are videos featuring content about larp combat, costuming, roleplay and even a few DIY spells/rituals. I have a lot of fun making videos and deeply appreciate being able to continue to create content about larp. Larp has taught me so much about myself, and I hope to introduce more to the amazing worlds larp has to offer. As I trek the wilds for breasts to slay, I also believe in the power of larp for therapy and used as organic storytelling art. Thank you for all of the support. I hope that one day you will join me and my companions on the battlefield.

What is LARP? LARP is short for Live Action Role Play. It can be improvisational theater mixed with an evil horde of undead attacking your town! Generally I describe it as any time you remove yourself from a role you are used to and play as something or someone else. This can be similar to when you were little and played tea party or house with your friends. It can also be when you put on elf ears and fight off an orc with a magical sword. Larp can be very fun, full of combat, but it can also be an emotional experience that you wouldn't get to test in your every day life. For me, LARPing is a safe place to try new things. There are players around you with their own stories and usually a game master designing scenarios for you to encounter. Unlike Dungeons and Dragons where you roll the dice, you get to actually swing the swords at LARP. Typical LARP Genres are: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Post apocalypse, with so many more in-between.

LARP can teach us many things about ourselves and others. As Larp Girl, I'll be your battlebuddy, and guide you through these amazing journeys.

I want to take a moment to give thanks to the people of Ko-Fi. It means so much to me that all of you are cheering me on and see value in my work. I am grateful that we get to create content together. You are all so incredibly special to me. Without you my channel would not be possible. Your contributions give me the ability to create. Thank you so much for giving me this honor.

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