Lady Brigante
The Lady Brigante loves nothing more than shocking unsuspecting folk with the tale that she was abandoned at birth by gypsies and raised en famille with kindly mice in the crypt of an old church. Alas! The truth is altogether more unremarkable for although blessed with an illustrious and extensive lineage – Lady B was in truth raised in genteel affluence in the shadow of a ceremonial stone gatehouse in the ancient City of York. AND as the sun falls on yet another day - the Lady B goes in search of the dead! For if she’s not wandering through a cemetery, or musing upon the discovery of a mysterious bundle of ephemera - she will be leading unsuspecting folk through the snickelways and secret passages of her home city as the storyteller on behalf of Death in a Chocolate Box. However, if a walking tour through this ancient city of warring armies, restless ghosts, religious persecution, delicious chocolate, and infamous outlaws is not possible for you - why not cross the threshold to a twilight world inside a little slice of the web to which the Lady B has since laid claim? Your generosity of spirit is noted and appreciated.

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