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Hi, I'm Tanya! Writer. Photographer. Witch. Maker of beautiful magical things. TanyaSimoneSimpson.com BewitchingTheStorm.com twitter.com/TanyaSSimpson deviantart.com/TanyaSimpson wattpad.com/user/TanyaSSimpson instagram.com/TanyaSimoneSimpson BewitchingTheStorm.tumblr.com

Tanya Simpson
If you’ve read one of my free books or stories and enjoyed it, found my blog posts entertaining, had happy eyes when looking at my photos, or otherwise found value in something I've made or done, you’re welcome to buy me a coffee. If you'd like to give a little more, simply change the number in the 'Buy a Coffee for Tanya Simpson' box to something higher than 1 :-) Thanks so much for your support and encouragement <3

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