Pick Three
We <3 games As people who make games, we know what it’s really like. The years of work. The fist-pump moments. The bugs. The boatloads of coffee. We’re unashamed gaming fanboys. And we’ve spent our careers making cool experiences with some of the industry’s biggest names. That’s why Pick Three is all about honest & positive game design takes, from people who’ve really been there. Each episode, we put games under the microscope. Celebrating what makes them special. Uncovering dev secrets. Exploring their unique design philosophies. And for every ‘flaw’ we find, we challenge ourselves to come up with a new creative solution. There’ll be some technical stuff. Some learning. Some stories. (And, yeah, OK, some moaning about that *one level* in Luigi’s Mansion 3...) We <3 the industry Here to help us are some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. Across the show’s run, we’ll be inviting designers from some of the games we cover to join the conversation & give us their take on what game design means to them. They’ll be on-hand to explore some of the decisions they’ve made, to give us their thoughts on level design, UI & game balance, and to share behind-the-scenes stories from their development journey. (Interested in appearing as a guest on Pick Three? Hit us up via email. We’d love to have you!)

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