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Woof.. Okay. I got a chair and a little plastic table, not bad, not bad.. But I also have a lot of books.. And zero organization.. Oh boy, I need to make a home office. I need bookshelves, a desk (or work table), storage, hmm..


I'm Star! I'm a literary chronically ill queerio just trying to make this whole writing thing work! I'm Mexican American, the grandchild of immigrants, and I write stories touched by my culture but refusing to give in to the narrative than the only stories worth telling are stories of pain and anguish. I'm also 30 and I want to write fun adventure stories for adults that don't focus only sex, divorce, kids, or dating after 30! You can find free samples of my writing here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/newfire_luna Do you like it? Want more? Want exclusive content, photos, and to help sponsor me to get to a place where I can offer more such as live Q&A? You can now subscribe to me right here for exclusive content!

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Citlali de la Luna
Hi! Due to shenanigans, Disaster Ever After is currently free to read and coffees are only $1 each! https://www.wattpad.com/story/205327343-disaster-ever-after

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