Saving up for a better mic for my narration projects.

0% of €50 goal

I've done a few narration assignments now, but a better quality mic would cut back my editing time afterwards in half at least, and result in needing to do less retakes.


Writer, poet, narrator and artist Jasmine Arch first pursued art but ended up choosing a profession in health care. Facing trauma, death and disease on a daily basis can be exhausting, but her creativity has become the outlet she needs to keep herself sane. While her introspective work can be bleak, she also sees miracles in small places and neglected corners and loves sharing those moments of wonder through her writing. Her speculative poems have appeared or is forthcoming in Illumen Magazine, ParABnormal Magazine, and Scifaikuest. She has microfiction forthcoming from Black Hare Press, and she has narrated for the Lesbian Historic Motif Project and The Other Stories podcast. Find out more about her at or on twitter: @Jaye_Arch.


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