First year of hosting cost

17% of goal

Covering the establishing a reasonable presence. Good for the opensource projects is the presence of other projects - making it possible to almost no cost. I support the other projects -, grav CMS, LetsEncrypt - and server space I bought at Linode. All-in I spent €170 which will be the first goal.


Retired developer and sysadmin. Contributing to Open Source by means of time, hosting of package repositories and building Manjaro and Arch based Linux distributions. I also writes technical articles - guides - on how to achieve something. Manjaro Openbox Community Blackbox Linux PacBang Linux

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Frede Hundewadt
Welcome. Maintaining and building Manjaro and PacBang ISOs and writing technical articles requires a lot of time. My technical articles is mainly about Manjaro and Arch and how to achieve a specific goal - like installing Manjaro onto an USB with persistence or how to setup filesharing using NFS. If you appreciate my work - please consider a token of appreciation.

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