Buy a Bale of Hay for Sweet Pea & Friends


Winter is coming and the barn needs filling with hay for all the animals! Sweet Pea and all her friends like Brave Little Finn, Molly & Max, Poppy the Alpaca and Sadie the Pony eat over 1,000 bales of hay a year. This is the time of year we need to make sure the barn is filled to the rafters with sweet hay to last them all winter.

Sweet Pea & Friends
If you'd like to help Farmer John fill the Winter Barn with hay for Sweet Pea & Friends, we'll share pictures & videos every day of the animals enjoying big mouthfuls of YOUR HAY.
Watch as your hay is delivered to the hayloft and fed by Farmer John, visitors, and children that come to the farm throughout the year.

The Winter Barn Stuffed with over 1,000 Haybales

64% of goal

Sweet Pea & Friends's Feed