I am an independent artist doing everything by myself, so every tiny bit helps. Your support will help me with the rent, bills, medication, and food, and that means I can put more time into creating original content. More importantly, it gives me a peace of mind and helps with mental health. Thank you for considering supporting me, and please only do so if you can. I offer... » Early access to new art » A new Monthly Journal entry every 2nd of the month » Purchasing an item from the Shop will unlock all supporter content for 30 days - if you'd like to get something extra in return! » Every supporter gets a download of my small Photoshop brush set as a thank-you » Discord server → Updates-only server where I share art, inspiration, and more. All supporters have access to a special area where they can chat. Make sure to connect your Discord to Ko-Fi to get the appropriate role! » Introduction → » Blog Post Archive →

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