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Hi, I'm Shoe. I'm Manda's friend and I wanna raise her some fuckin money. Transparently: this is NOT Manda's idea. It's mine. She hasn't solicited money and never planned to. Her basic needs are met, but there isn't much left over for luxuries. My purpose is to get her a little rainy-day fund. Here are some things that might cheer her up: - new, metal finger splints to help her type, colour, and do other things more comfortably - tattoo removal - video games - colouring books - art supplies - trips to see friends - a home assistance worker, if she wants one - any manner of mobility, adaptive, or comfort objects I have no idea what she would spend this money on. I don't care. She could blow it all on porg plushies and I would be delighted. I just want her to have more than the basics. I want to make her life a little bigger, and a little brighter.

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