Dru (Rose Nightshade)

-NEVER expected, but ALWAYS appreciated!!!- None of my art will ever be behind a paywall, so hey, here's a way to show your support for my art in monetary form if you'd like! I use the money to buy and replace art supplies, sometimes I commission other artists, and very often I buy other independent artist created merch (I’m obsessed with pins,,,,) there are so many other awesome creators out there that I love supporting too! Aaaaaand of COURSE I buy coffee too, because, uh, well, Starbucks addict here! (Chestnut Praline latte!, Caramel Toffenut latte!!! 🥰☕️) Many thanks and love for visiting my page! I will draw thank you doodles for people who buy me kofis! :D Just leave me a character name, the series they’re from, and a prompt and I’ll draw you something in thanks!!!

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