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J Clement Wall
Welcome to my Ko-fi page! Your support allows me to create more free stuff, like coloring pages, tutorials, draw-along videos and more. Here's how the support works: You can leave a 1-time tip, or you can become a subscriber by choosing to make your tip monthly. One-time contributors get 30-day access to my gallery of fun smartphone wallpapers, coloring pages, tutorials, occasional discounts in my shop, and more. Monthly subscribers get forever access to all of the above plus downloadable art prints and monthly subscriber-only coloring pages created from my illustrations. I also take coloring page requests from my subscribers, creating pages that aren't available anywhere else. PLEASE READ BEFORE CHOOSING "MONTHLY” If you want to support my work on a recurring monthly basis (thank you!) make sure you enter the amount you would like to pay *PER MONTH* of your subscription. For example, if you sign up by typing in $9 + Monthly, Ko-Fi will charge you $9 every month. Thank you! xo

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