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This year I started to make on my own Wonder Woman cosplay and due to a condition (it is nothing major don’t worry), I cannot use heavy chemicals like cement glue etc. 🥴 I was going to have my friends help me glue, but then the new Golden Eagle armor was announced and the intricacy and complexity is too much for my level of cosplay making. I did not want to start a Gofundme, since I only use that application for when I do fundraisers for people in real world need and I wanted to give something in return! Then, I came up with an idea about Digital Prints. If you buy me some Ko-fi, I will e-mail you a signed print high resolution that I will only share with the people who help me with this goal. WHEN YOU DONATE.... 1) Please write your name (for the dedication) 2) Write your e-mail address Thank you for clicking on my ko-fi link, means a lot to me!


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