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Roots of Steel

Hi My name is Sabrina and I’m a freelancer and selftaught artist from Germany. 20 years ago (in 2022 exactly 20 years) I told someone about my dreams. I was running into the wild, feeling the speed, feeling free, seeing trees. And this person asked me about werewolves. And then, he showed me a drawing. It was a painting from goldenwolf, a couple, the male wolf kissing her paw. This picture changed my whole life. I had never seen such beautiful werewolves before and it fits so perfectly to my dreams that I started to cry. And then I started to draw. Sure, I draw since I can hold a pencil. But I don’t wanna draw more lionkings, or landscapes, or other Disney characters. No. I want to draw something like this! Werewolves! My own creatures. I got inspired by goldenwolf, kyot, emrys, and the other wolf idols in this time. And today, 20 year later from this day, I’m so close to my dream. So close to Printing my first book, full of werewolf art, telling a story in pictures. I hope you accompany me a bit. And maybe there, a sketch or drawing can inspire you too. Thank you so much! I draw everything on my iPad Pro, using procreate and working hard to let the drawings look like acrylic and watercolor paintings. I don’t want to fool someone, I feel at home in the traditional looking. But my back and neck don’t like to draw real traditional media again. Thank you so much for your support ❤️

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