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Hi, I'm Shetani the king cheetah! Tea is actually my hot beverage of choice. ☕💕 I love to fursuit at home and at conventions across the country! Every week, I post a costume photo on Twitter and Instagram. I launched my web series "Cheetah Chat with Shetani" on YouTube in 2018, where I cover topics pertaining to the furry fandom as well as my interests. Your teas help support me in my creative endeavors, and allow me to try bigger and better things. I really appreciate your support!

--- SECRET REWARDS MENU--- I created this Ko-Fi as an online "tip jar" for folks who wanted to show their appreciation for my creative endeavors by buying me a cup of tea. Because you're part of the special club of smart people who read things, you now know that you can ask me for a li'l something-something in return! It's my way of thanking you a little more personally. Just leave your tip and contact me here or on Twitter to let me know if you want a perk! 1x☕ = All tippers automatically get a shoutout in an upcoming episode of Cheetah Chat! If you tip more than one cup, the shoutout will span multiple episodes accordingly. No need to request this! 2x☕ = You can ask me to post a fursuit photo or short video thanking you by name, and telling a bit about the cup of tea you helped fund! 3x☕ = You can ask me to draw your fursona or an animal of your choosing while in fursuit! Limited by the marker colors I have on hand as well as my own (lack of) artistic prowess, this is always... interesting ;3 5x☕ = You can ask for an autographed fursuit photo and a collectible Shetani enamel pin from Fursona Pins mailed right to your address! 10x☕ = You can ask to select the topic of my next Cheetah Chat episode from a provided list of ideas! Rewards can be stacked over time, as well as mixed-n-matched. (e.g. for 3 Ko-Fis you can ask for a fursuit drawing video and tea feature, or just one or the other) Again, contact me to inform me of which perks you want, so I know you're a smart person who reads things - otherwise you're just treating me to a cup of tea. 😸 If you wish to support me on a regular basis, or are looking for even more perks, please check out my Patreon: http://patreon.com/jubatajan Your support helps fuel my creative endeavors, and every little bit helps. I appreciate it immensely!

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